Basic Mastery in life

Mastery in life consists of many steps. It is the journey of personal development. For a better understanding I want to talk about the basic steps.

On the mental level, you know what you think, and you decide consciously which thoughts you process in your mind. This means, that you are busy with useful thoughts which are analogue to your situation. This offers clarity, goal-orientation, a positive mindset and focus in the present moment.

On the astral level, you are aware of your character, your imbalances, challenges and problems. So, you know your deficiencies and you know the situations which trigger your bad characteristics, bad emotions and bad behavior. This knowledge can help you to change your behavior respectively to behave in a conscious, positive or useful way.

In the material world, mind and soul, respectively thoughts, character and behavior come together and realize in corresponding situations. This means that basic mastery in life realizes useful, positive situations thanks to a raised awareness and positive control in thinking, feeling and behavior.

Now, the problems are the degree of will power, the degree of clarity of mind and the degree of personal power or vitality. When you lack energy in these aspects, then your basic level of mastery is low. And here we come to the second step of mastery in life, the energy aspect. This means, that you increase your level of vital energy and with this your personal power and performance in life.

A high degree of vital energy plus a high degree of will power, clarity of mind and positive attitude will offer a good level of success, self-determination and happiness in life.

Further basic aspects are the healing of inner imbalances, old wounds, unhealthy mindsets and deficient behavior. They are big blockades for mastery. But these aspects can take a lot of effort and time.

In conclusion, mastery is the key for a happy, vital and successful life where you are in charge, taking a position of power instead living in the passive victim mode. Mastery is a matter of harmony on all three planes of existence. It is a matter of a high level of vital power. It is a matter of a raised awareness, living in a conscious way with a focus on a positive, goal-orientated lifestyle. It is also a matter of mental and physical health which means that healing of all issues must be achieved to enjoy freedom, success and happiness. Mastery is a matter of knowledge, techniques, training and the right application. While introspection, knowledge, techniques and training are feasible, healing of mind, soul and body are often a challenge. However, it is in the individual case, it is important to make first steps towards mastery. We are here for mastery and fate teaches us if we are not willing to work on it in a proactive way.