The white brotherhood and a man on mission

I guess that most spiritual seekers have heard about the mysterious white brotherhood. White means certainly light, – the brothers of the light, the servants of the light, – these are those souls which received enlightenment, unity with the highest being and which participate in the divine consciousness, divine love, divine wisdom and a divine holistic understanding of mankind and creation. Enlightenment and the experience of divine unity go beyond the limitations of religion, spiritual traditions, culture and all the differences people love to focus on. The divine light is available for every true seeker as we are all children of the divine light.

And what happens, when you achieve enlightenment, when you realize that all human beings are all children of God, of the divine light, of the cosmic consciousness or however the Divine is called?

You go beyond the limitations of the tradition where you have been raised to this level and you recognize the enlightened souls in other traditions and cultures. You feel the same love and wisdom, the same divine spirit. Tat tvam asi! You perceive the Divine in your brothers and sisters. And you feel the divine love connecting all of you beyond all borders. You know that the Divine Spirit expresses itself just in different cloths, in different traditions.

And all these insights and feelings give you the inner knowing that you belong to the brotherhood of the light beyond all relative material forms. So it feels natural to meet other enlightened souls in love, light and respect and to share knowledge and the appreciation of the Divine. And certainly you talk also about present problems, developments, possibilities to spiritualize and support the evolution of the human soul.

So in conclusion all enlightened souls recognize each other worldwide independent from their specific tradition and they share all the treasures of the divine nature as they all have understood that they belong to one family, that they are brothers in spirit.

Thanks to the internet we can see this principle already among the seekers who gather worldwide independent from all differences in culture, language, etc. to walk the holy path together. This is an expression of divine love and wisdom and a beautiful example of friendship, of worshipping the true values in life.

Connected to the white brotherhood there is also the idea of an unbroken chain of brothers, masters and disciples of one lineage but also in general beyond single traditions. It is the golden chain which the magician wears and which reminds him that he is a link in this eternal chain of brothers, that he is a part of a great community of enlightened beings, masters, servants of the light. And this is a wonderful feeling.

This chain is also called the chain of union. Timothy Hogan is revitalizing this chain throughout the different spiritual traditions and religions. He is a man on mission, a brother of the white brotherhood who follows the divine plans for the spiritualization of the world. Timothy Hogan is initiated in several traditions and secret societies. He maintains the brotherly connections to many different spiritual traditions to support the chain of union to work together on the enlightenment of mankind and on bringing peace and love to the world. This is indeed a divine mission and I appreciate Timothy Hogan as a noble soul with best intentions and true dedication to the light. Besides his mission he also unveils interesting knowledge about the diversity of traditions and their history which shows the underlying unity in many aspects. Those who want to get a deeper insight should check his books and videos. God has many servants but they are hard to detect, so it is interesting to recognize them and see them at work.

Before I come to the end of this article I want to talk about the term “The Unknown Superior”. On the first sight this term might sound strange but with a deeper understanding it is quite clear. This term is based on the simple fact that it is normally quite hard to say if someone is an initiate or not, simply because initiates look like normal people and don´t wear a corresponding label. Even harder it is to say to which degree someone is initiated. So if you meet someone who is kind and maybe has charisma, then this can be a normal person, a student of the holy sciences, a master or someone beyond normal masterhood. And it is up to the master if he wants to unveil his position.

Now we have two levels. On a basic level we have the brothers of the white brotherhood who are initiates. These initiates have received enlightenment, the unity with God and are refined souls. They can have different spiritual abilities. Then we have the second level of the unknown superior. These souls are initiated beyond single traditions and they are developed beyond “normal” god-human levels. They are trained in the universal, spiritual core teachings like described by Bardon. So they are perfect masters, perfect creators, true sons of God and even superior to the “normal” members of the white brotherhood. Bardon describes the hierarchy of this second level and how they work. This association is also described by the Druze in a clear way which is stated by Manly P. Hall.

The more you see the big picture the better you understand everything.

The Sura Academy is dedicated to the highest Light and so we take part in the chain of union and in the white brotherhood. We serve the divine plans for the spiritualization of the material world and the evolution of mankind.