Religion and the law of resonance

Religions and spiritual traditions as well as secret societies are very interesting in general. One aspect of them is quite fascinating when you examine how it works. On the one hand we have the religion, tradition or secret society with its specific teachings and belief. And on the other hand we have individuals with a specific personality, own beliefs, own values and own aims. And now we come to the interesting question how both meet.

In a first step the individual will feel himself drawn to a specific religious offer, a specific spiritual world view or philosophy which reflects his own personality. This is natural and belongs to the law of resonance.

Then we have to see that the individual has his own psychological filter of perception which works in a way that he emphasizes certain things which he likes while he ignores other things which he does not like. We call this a selective perception which leads certainly to an individual interpretation of a religion or society and its teachings.

When we now think about religions, spiritual traditions and secret societies, then they often show a range of aspects from white over many grey tones to black. In other words, there are often obviously good aspects and bad aspects.

When we put now both together, – the individual and the institution, then we have not a mass of equal followers but in fact many different groups of individuals which share their personal view on the teachings. Simply put, we have good ones, bad ones, normal followers, leaders and rebels, – and all on the SAME basis of teachings.

What does it mean concretely?

In the same secret society, religion or spiritual tradition there are:

  • Followers who are born in it and don´t question anything.
  • Members who joined to profit from advantages in business and social status
  • Members who want to satisfy and inflate their egos by receiving titles and positions of power
  • Members who need specific teachings to back their behavior in good and bad aspects. “God wants me to do this…and the holy teachings say it is right to behave like that…”
  • Leaders who need followers which they can guide.
  • Idealists who work for a better world.
  • Saints who see only the beautiful, divine aspects of the teachings.
  • Raw and dark souls who see only the negative aspects to back their bad actions while they ignore the good.

In conclusion you can find nearly everywhere the whole spectrum of people, aims, desires, agendas, etc. all on the same basis of teachings and world view but with differences in perception and focus.

A present example are the followers of the youngest religion. Here we have as one pole the noble Sufis who follow the path of love, wisdom and enlightenment while the contrary pole is possessed by those who use the religious teachings for war and profane aims.

Besides this we certainly have religions, secret societies and spiritual traditions which are by nature already either positive, negative or dualistic.

At last it has to be said that unfortunately the greatest light attracts the greatest darkness which means that as soon as an agent of the light unveils divine teachings, agents of darkness are attracted to misuse the movement for lower, worldly desires. So quite often we have a mixture of light, grey tones and darkness in religious teachings.

In conclusion we can meet good as well as evil and ignorant souls everywhere, nearly completely independent from the religion, tradition or secret society. In the best case the enlightened and noble souls are in the leading positions but normally it is unfortunately not the case. This also means that many teachings leave space for interpretation, so that the understanding can be completely different. Indeed we have to be quite careful in dealing with the countless traditions, etc. and to check much more than the normal more or less superficial view can detect. There are so many secrets hiding under the surface that quite often it is hard to get a holistic understanding to receive the truth. And often the golden core is covered by the dirt of time.