The Meaning of Shamash

In the old Sumerian culture there was a sun god called Shamash. Now you can find countless gods and goddesses but the name of this sun god is quite interesting. When you have a good knowledge about quabbalistic teachings then you will see that this name is made of the first and highest three cosmic letters Sh, A and M. Sh is the primordial letter of the fire element, A the one of the air element and M is the one of the water element. Indeed you can say that these three letters build the primordial name of God, – SHAM. Now we have additionally the interesting fact that these letters are also mirrored, – SHAM – MASH = SHAMASH. This can be easily interpreted as that all starts with SH, fire and that all will end with fire. So SHAMASH represents the start of creation and its return to its source. This is quite interesting and for sure no coincidence as there have been initiates of theurgy (the cosmic language) on earth in each culture and in all times.

So indeed you can detect formulas of the cosmic letters in Egyptian names, in Hebrew terms but also in other languages. This is left to those who study the cosmic language.