The Wanderer

We have two main types of initiates. The common initiate belongs to one tradition and undergoes there the complete training until he accomplishes the master level where he becomes a teacher in his lineage. The extraordinary initiate does the same as the common initiate but then he looks for further teachings, trainings and initiations in different traditions. This type of initiate wants to go beyond the limitations of his tradition. He wants to expand his understanding of God, mankind and creation. He wants to understand the different points of view to get a holistic understanding in the end.

We can call this extraordinary initiate a wanderer. The term wanderer fits well because in the ancient times initiation in different traditions was a matter of travels. For example, a Greek adept traveled to Egypt for initiation, also maybe to Persia and India. This took years of traveling and training, and it was a matter of real adventures.

Now, this worked out as all initiates recognize each other in their special, refined, spiritual nature. Differences in appearance, language, culture, behavior, etc. have no meaning as the inner nature counts.

It is comparable to the situation of students today, who go into foreign countries for semesters at university to expand their minds for other cultures, etc. Staying in foreign countries is very useful for the personal development. You become a cosmopolitan.

Today the idea of initiation has changed due to the technological progress in the world. All traditions are everywhere available, – thanks to the internet. And so all teachings and trainings are available, at least to some degree but thanks to the invention of airplanes, everyone can easily travel around the world to meet masters and teachers directly.

Further on, the universal path has been unveiled by Bardon which allows to understand the different traditions in a holistic way.

For the seeker the universal path offers to undergo the spiritual training on the basis of self-initiation without the need to spend years of training in the various traditions. In the end the true knowledge can be found everywhere as we all live in the same universe.

On the one hand there is a liberation from traditional limitations and on the other hand there is the chance to embrace all traditions in their original beauty and with this all the deities which we have already met in former incarnations.

When I personally think about the spiritual realms and deities of the different areas in this world, then it is most amazing to feel the joy and the love for all of them, the deeper unity. What could be more wonderful than this great family of divine beings together with the brothers and sisters of the community of adepts?!

My love is all-embracing. It is a coming home. For everyone who is conscious on this level.