Principles of Creation

Somehow, we are put into this world without any real idea what we are supposed to do, where we come from and if there is any sense in our existence. The world appears as an incomprehensible complex of permanently changing situations with countless aspects. On the other hand, we are able to survive and to enjoy life, also answers are offered to the most interesting questions. And so, we all live, doing this and that until we leave this world again.

The only thing we can do in all this chaos, in this strange world with all these strange people and strange happenings is to examine it. When we observe and examine everything then we can find patterns, principles and laws which rule all events, objects and beings in life. Understanding these principles allows us to take self-responsibility, to create the circumstances of life in a desirable way, to prevent bad things to happen and in the end to understand who we are, why we are here and what we are supposed to do.

Let´s imagine that you are watching thousand people doing something. At first sight it seems like chaos as they are all active in some way. On the second sight, you see that there are patterns behind their activities. Obviously, there are groups of people working on specific projects. On the third sight, you see that there are specific persons which give commands to these groups. And on the fourth sight, you see that there is one person in control of all those who give commands. You continue your observations and by the passing of time you understand what is happening in front of you: A big company is creating a complex of buildings.

In this simple example we see the principles at work. We also see the original intention or vision and how this sense is keeping all busy. And we see the result. At first, we saw only people in chaotic activities. In the end, we understand.

Our world works in the same way. As soon as we discover the hidden principles, we understand how and why everything works. We also know the higher sense, the intentions behind it.

In conclusion, while the ignorant counts the leaves of a tree, the wise man tries to understand how the tree works. To say it like the wise men of India explained it.

Know the principles and get into the power to take full responsibility for your life. Know and apply the laws of creation as a conscious creator of your life circumstances. Become wise!