Decisions and setting

This is a really important topic. We all must make decisions every day. And our decisions lead to good or bad effects. Further on, you can make decisions with your intellect and you can make decisions with your intuition.

Now, we all want a good life, love, happiness, success, etc. And this means that we all want to make the right decisions for good effects and a good future.

This is all nice. We can ask why so many bad things happen in life instead of all the good which we desire. Somewhere must be a problem.

The problem or cause is quite simple. It is our pseronal setting.

Let´s imagine that there is a person which is in total harmony with itself and the world, in good health in mind, soul and body, with a good heart, a good attitude, wishing all beings the best for life, etc.

This person is striving for a good life, happiness, love, success, etc. like all others.

When this person makes decisions then it will make good decisions naturally, – simply because of its inner harmony and positive attitude or setting. And so, this person will enjoy a good life.

When we examine a normal person, then we can see on the deeper levels of its personality different imbalances, wounds, pains, bad experiences, suffering in certain points. This is an imbalanced, unhealthy setting. Let´s take, for example, the aspect of love and relationships. The person has made bad experiences with partners. There is a hidden setting which says “I am not worthy to be truly loved.” This bad setting has sabotaging effects on the subconscious level. On the conscious level the person has a great desire for a fulfilled relationship with the experience of true love. But the subconscious setting causes failure as it ruins the intellectual and intuitive decisions. The setting is a bad influence for making decisions, for thinking, consideration and for asking the intuition. And here we find the reason why intuition can fail.

Now, this all means that we need a positive setting as the right basis for good decisions and for realizing positive goals in life. And this means that it is absolutely necessary to purify and heal hidden imbalances before we make (important) decisions. Otherwise, the suffering continues and grows until we work on healing.

This connection of personal setting, wishes, intuition and decisions is a matter of the law of analogy.

Your intuition can only work well when you have a positive setting or attitude, – when you are in balance.

As life comes along with a lot of suffering, wounds of the soul, destructive thoughts and emotions, there is a lot to purify and to heal for all people. If we truly want a happy life, then we basically need to work on purification and healing, also on refinement. It is the biggest mistake a human can do to ignore these things.