Developing new skills, qualities & powers

This is the big topic on the path, in the training but also in life in general. And this topic comes along with a kind of knot, – namely the problem that we want to realize something new, something unknown and so it is hard to grasp and even harder to train. It is like if someone is juggling with balls and asks you to do the same. A big question mark appears in your eyes and you don´t know where to start and what to do. You also don´t know how it works. And this is a bad basis to develop a new skill like juggling. Unfortunately, this is exactly the basis for nearly all new skills, virtues and powers, we want to realize in our spiritual training (or in life). The goal is presented with a short description and then you are meant to work on it until you feel it as a natural habit. It seems to be a mission impossible.

Normally, you make experiments and you study information about this new skill, virtue or power. This is all a matter of trial and error, also of luck and talents. Step by step you make progress and one day the formerly new is now a matter of own experience, an integrated part of your nature. In the best case. In all other cases, it is still a challenge, partly not understood and not completely integrated.

Now, from a higher point of view, this all is clear. At the same time, it is obvious that all skills, virtues and powers exist already, and that people lived or are still alive who have managed them successfully. When we leave the topic of extraordinary gifted people aside, then we can say that all people have the potential to develop all these skills, virtues and powers. And this simply means that they all exist already as a kind of predisposition, as an idea, indeed as seeds.

You all know sunflower seeds. When you have some in your hand, you see how small they are without any visual association to the big flowers to which they grow in nature. Now, when you take one seed and put it into the ground, supplying water and offering sunshine, the sunflower will start to grow, to become bigger and bigger with big blossoms in the end.

And the same is true with all new skills, virtues and powers. They are hiding as seeds or ideas on the Akasha plane, waiting for their activation, ready to grow and to flourish. You just need to be aware of this fact and then you need to supply water, energy to make them grow and unfold.

Now, when we approach the topic of developing new skills, etc. from this point of view, then things become feasible, easier and then we become successful in the training.

Practically speaking, this means that you acquire the necessary basic knowledge about the desired skill, virtue or power for a basic and good understanding. Then you check for a useful way of training respectively realization. And then you inhale and exhale and relax. The preparation is finished. And now you go on with “contacting” the seed idea by intention and activating it, bringing it to life, nourishing it, making it stronger and working on its realization by training and meditation.  

Let´s take an example. Let´s imagine that you want to unfold your concentration skills. What is the goal? “I am a master of concentration!” Now, you become aware that this mastery of concentration is already existent as an idea on the Akasha plane. By the phrase “I am a master of concentration!” you connect to this idea and by repeating it (autosuggestion) or by meditating about it, you activate this idea and make the seed grow, make it realize stepwise from the highest plane down to the material plane. And then you add your training of concentration. As you empower and vitalize the idea “I am a master of concentration!”, you will sense that you receive insights, that situations arise, that you talk with people and that you read things which all help you to understand your topic better and to make good progress. The idea makes you attract and do all what you need for its realization. And this is magic.

In conclusion, you do not need to rack your brain with plenty of headaches, trial and error. You can take the smart way, just following the laws of creation.

Just keep feeding the idea/phrase and do the corresponding training.

Certainly, there are several ways of strengthening the seed so that it grows in a good and fast way. This is a matter of maturity and abilities. Nevertheless, the simplest techniques are already sufficient (autosuggestion, autohypnosis, meditation, etc.) and then it is just a matter of time. When you feed the idea, then it helps also to overcome obstacles, blockades and to build up necessary qualities and powers. The more “extras” you need, the more time and effort it takes. Therefore, regard the principle of feasibility. Start with small things and then go on with bigger goals. Your microcosm needs preparation. It is comparable with a top athlete. You cannot directly become a top athlete. You have to prepare the basics first. And that´s true for all new skills, virtues, powers, etc. Be wise and success will be yours.