The Pippi Longstocking Principle

I guess that everyone has read about Pippi Longstocking. She is well known from children´s stories. Besides all her funny adventures with her friends and animals, she has an important message.

Today, we might call her a “Supergirl” (without a suit). She is a young teenager with superpowers and a mindset which does not fit into the normal world. She is open, flexible, curious, fun-loving with a golden heart, compassionate, righteous and always ready for new inventions, new ways and certainly, she uses a little bit of magic.

A main topic in her adventures is the polarity between her and the mechanic, limited mindset and behavior of the normal people in her village. The contrast is great.

Pippi Longstocking is the one who questions everything while her friends, teachers and other adults say, “You must do this and that in this way!” She responds with “Why?” And simply cannot get a meaningful answer and so she ignores the adults and does what she likes to do, – what makes sense from her point of view.

Her famous slogan is “I make the world the way I like it.” And this idea and approach to life is the complete opposite to what “normal” people think and do. And this is the point.

We are all conditioned in a way that we try our best to fulfill all expectations of authorities, of our parents, of our teachers, of society, the system, and certainly of God in the holy teachings, etc. Most people do not question the authorities and not the program which is expected from them. And the few which question things and revolt are directly forced back into the “right” behavior. All must fit into the system.

Even those with spiritual attitude and training are still conditioned in this way and it takes a lot of effort to get out of this artificial frame, at least to some useful degree. The problem is that no one can simply fall out of the system. The system is already a vital part of life. And so, we all are dependent to a high degree.

But, indeed, I want to point on something more important. We have two options. The first option is to react, to do what authorities and society expect from us, to walk the same ways, to do everything like all others do. The second option is to be creative, to be a creator, to be inspired for taking new ways, a new approach to solve problems and to manage challenges. This is the vital, magical way, the way of the master, of the enlightened one. Only here you feel alive and you enjoy freedom. Indeed, it is the freedom of a child, a child of God, playful, curious, magical.

We should and must shift from the old, dead program of following the masses towards the vital approach which Pippi Longstocking symbolizes so well. It is the divine-creative moment with a diversity of chances, of wonders and beauty. It is given to us to create the world as we imagine it to be.

And this is also an important key when you have to face challenges or decisions. Normally, you follow the ideas which everyone has in mind. You react in a certain frame. But you can also get into the creator mode and simply say what you want, how your world shall be. And this is a nice approach. This is a powerful approach. This is how a master realizes and changes reality. You are your own authority and you determine what is going to happen and how.

I want to give an example. Imagine that you want to start a business. Normally, you check what is feasible, what are the needs and wishes of the clients, what are they willing to pay, etc. This can be quite frustrating because normal people can be disappointing in their behavior regarding services or products and prices. Now, you could say, okay, I have a great product and I want the right clients which appreciate it, which pay for it a good amount, which recommend me, etc. You have defined the quality of your clients and you have expressed your will independent from the normal market approach and analyses. And this first big impulse causes effects which will draw you into situations where you meet the right clients, where you will sell your products, where you will get the price paid, and where you have fun with your business.

In conclusion: You are the authority and master in your life. You must say what you want. And then things can come into realization. You are a creator in the image of God, the great creator. Remember that!

The normal situation where you just react is like the knot of Alexander the Great, – something complex, hard to do. When you remember your original position of power, then you can cut this know with your sword and you will enjoy the instant liberation, the freedom, the beauty of being a creator.

Unfortunately, this self-conscious creator mode needs meditation and training because we are not used to it. But once it has become a habit, it is of great value and you will experience how magic works, – by realizing your intention and will.