Root treatments and the bunch of problems

Probably most people have a bunch of problems. Sometimes they are not conscious about it. These are health problems, problems with others, problems with emotions like fears or anger, problems with addictions, problems with the own characteristics, with life itself, etc. For this reason, I call it a bunch of problems like a bunch of flowers. We could call it also a bunch of symptoms. Quite often this bunch of symptoms or problems is so complex and diverse in nature that it is very hard or nearly impossible to find the causes and to deal with it in a useful way. Often people even do not know where certain problems come from and why they still have them.

Now, we can say that all problems, all symptoms have a root, a situation where something has happened in the past, often something bad and traumatic which causes the imbalance in the personality and with this the symptoms and problems.

Such roots can be symptoms of older roots, of older, bad situations and bad experiences.

In the end, we have an (invisible) hierarchy of causes, symptoms and problems.

The problem now is that this hierarchy is invisible, complex, rooted in the past, in a past which we don´t remember and that it can appear as hard to manage this hierarchy of problems. Normally, the concerned person picks out one painful problem and tries to fix it but the bunch with the other problems is sabotaging. Or the person asks a healer or therapist to help with 1-2 most bothering problems while the rest is hidden or not touched.

The therapist can work hard but the invisible bunch of problems cannot be treated easily or completely successfully just because there is not one but there are many problems and several hidden roots and that makes it difficult.

On the level of spiritual healing, there is one nice approach which can be very useful. Instead of trying to reduce or heal symptoms or visible roots, you can try to focus on the primary cause for the whole bunch of problems. You can let healing energies and light flow to this primary cause, this primary root with the idea to dissolve its dark/painful trauma energies, which means the salvation of the trauma and to replace/fill it with divine light. Doing so, you break the whole inverted pyramid, the hierarchy of causes and symptoms and further problems, the big bunch. And then you can work through secondary causes, symptoms, etc. It is very important to heal this primary cause as otherwise the bunch of problems will stay alive.

Just focus on the idea that your spiritual healing energies flow to the primary cause of the bunch of problems (which you have or your client). And let the healing start there. This is amazing and powerful in its effects.

Especially when you work as a spiritual healer, it is all a matter of how you program the energies.

It is also very useful to ask the deities or God for direct help and guidance for the client, also for the power to realize healing and changes.

Healing is a very fascinating and enlightening topic as it helps you to understand the human nature on a deep level. And you can do a lot of good.