The tragedy of the solar plexus center

Especially spiritual souls receive dip hits. Dip hits attack the solar plexus center, the center of the inner child, the ego, the center of emotions, of human interaction, the sun center of the soul, the center which is connected to liver, gallbladder, kidneys, stomach and spleen. It is the center which normally and naturally expresses emotions.

Spiritual people are very kind, always caring about others, how they feel, what they need, what they wish for and if something could hurt them.

Unfortunately other people do not care much about how you feel, if you could feel hurt by their behavior. And when they show rude behavior then spiritual people think that they are guilty but not the rude guys.

This super soft, super kind, super compassionate attitude of spiritual people makes them the perfect victim for rude people and so they get easily hurt. The solar plexus gets easily hurt. The inner child gets hurt. A child has no protection, so when it gets hurt then there is real damage which cannot be healed easily.

The effect of getting hurt by rude people is that the inner child, the solar plexus center blocks its natural function of expressing emotions. These are emotions of natural joy, of having fun, of laughing loud, of sadness, of aggression, of frustration, of depression, of anger, etc. All natural emotions are blocked to good degrees or completely with the idea that this behavior protects the person from further attacks of rude people. This certainly does not work out and attacks continue.

This emotional blockade and the artificial behavior “I have no emotions” has the further effect that especially negative emotions turn to the inside of the soul and cause damage there instead of being released to the outside. This can have even physical effects like problems with liver, kidneys, stomach, etc.

The solution is to understand these things as first step and in the second step you have to do training on expressing consciously your emotions. Laugh loud, show your anger, be sad, show your frustration, express yourself. This is a step by step training. You must come to the point where it feels normal for you to show emotions.

The solar plexus center is the most misunderstood psychic center and in the spiritual development we have to clean and heal it, so that we are able to integrate the happy, natural child which it originally represents. This inner child is what makes all the experiences in the world, which can be happy, which is curious, which is taking challenges, which enjoys fascination and the community with other children. This child must be cultivated with much love and understanding.

The Dalai Lama has perfectly developed his inner child. Just examine his playfulness, his joy and fun, his great ability to connect with people. This is a standard to orientate on.

In conclusion, focus on healing your solar plexus. Become a child again. Let your inner sun shine! The wellbeing of your sun center is essential.