The early work with Akasha in the training

Akasha as the fifth element with the special meaning of being the Divine element occurs in the training only in the later steps. Certainly this has logical reasons as it represents the goal and crown of the work with the four elements. On the other hand, the Akasha element offers very useful possibilities of application for the spiritual student.

Akasha has the quality of harmony and it has the power to dissolve blockades, bad energies, etc. while it can reconnect what is naturally connected. So it can restore unity. It can bridge blockades and obstacles in the energy system to restore the natural flow of energy and with this vitality and health.

Let´s imagine that you are a student and that you suffer from mental, emotional or energetic blockades then it can be a wonderful key to help you when you do breathing training with Akasha, – for your whole body but also for specific organs with the corresponding intentions of causing harmony, dissolving negative energies and blockades, etc.

Besides this, Akasha has great effects on your mind, on refining your mind, on increasing your abilities to understand problems and to find solutions, on increasing your divine intuition and guidance, and on feeling more centered and “in order”.

These might be some hints for your training. Akasha brings balance. Akasha brings order into chaos. Akasha nourishes your divine nature.