Sura Academy Teachings are now available

Dear fellows,

I have published now 99% of all teaching material of our Sura Academy. The 1% which is left, cannot be published as these are Excel tables and other things which are not for printing.

My heart´s desire was always to offer support on the spiritual path for the honest seekers and so I have decided to make the teachings public instead of keeping them for the Academy itself. The Sura Academy offers much more than printed teachings. We focus here on real and individual support as well as on the experience of an international spiritual family. Although we have started only in May 2016, so many wonderful experiences could have been made already by the members as we truly care for each other and help to make progress in life, on the path and certainly also in healing.

But back to the topic. The point for the teaching material is that the content is organized according to topics. So you find the content of all my books in the teaching material. Further more, you will find special teachings which I have developed for the Academy training. So my books are nice but the teaching material is well organized and following the purpose of real studies.

Certainly it depends completely on you, what you like to study or which topics you have already studied in my books.

At last – I have set higher prices for the teaching material as a way to improve the funding of the Sura Academy. High quality teaching and coaching simply needs funding, otherwise I have not enough time to take the necessary care about our fellows on the path. Nevertheless, for those who lack of sufficient income, I offer discount on the teachings. Also the members of the Sura Academy can ask for discount. Just write me an email.

You find all teaching material in my Lulu bookstore.

I am here to serve but also a good and selfless servant needs support.

I hope and wish that you benefit from my teachings and I am sure that you will be able to make better progress by studying them.

As always, in love, light and service,

Ray del Sole

Founder of the Sura Academy