A hint for step 10

Step 10 in Bardon´s training deals with the realization of unity with God in his four main aspects and this in different ways, – active, passive, abstract, concrete. Besides this focus, we can set also further aims. The divine level is very rich, amazing and wonderful. The nature of God is very comprehensive and not “limited” on only four main virtues. In the training which follows the first book of initiation, the student will dive much deeper into the mysteries of God.

But these aspects are not the topic here. Let´s imagine that “everything” has not only a mental, astral and maybe physical plane but that there exists also a divine level, the level of perfection, of perfect beauty, perfect power, perfect mastery.

And you can unite with these divine aspects. You can unite with the divine nature of XY: “I am the god of XY!” And this includes all what we want to realize.

So let´s focus on some useful examples:

  • “I am the god of vitality, of the vital force!”
  • “I am the god of the fire element!”
  • “I am the god of the air element!”
  • “I am the god of the water element!”
  • “I am the god of the earth element!”
  • “I am the god of light!”
  • “I am the god of the electric fluid!”
  • “I am the god of the magnetic fluid!”
  • “I am the god of Akasha!”
  • “I am the god of the male principle, the perfect male god!” (for men)
  • “I am the god of the female principle, the perfect goddess!” (for women)
  • “I am the god of wisdom!”
  • “I am the god of abundance!”
  • “I am the god of happiness!”
  • “I am the god of love!”
  • “I am the god of joy!”
  • And so on….

Some ideas focus on mastery while other ideas focus on the beauty of life. The divine level offers so much beauty and abundance. It is simply much more than normal people and most students can imagine. And the mature soul can take part in these special state of mind and soul with all the corresponding effects.

It is up to us to celebrate the beauty and the joy of creation.

And certainly, you can start such meditations as early as you like to. Only your maturity is the limiting factor.

Maybe a practical hint, – you can work with Akasha respectively the cosmic letter U to unite easily with these divine ideas. But also the normal way of meditation will offer wonderful experiences.

Just give it a try and enjoy!