The magical coat

A lot of spiritual people experience the problem that they lack of emotional protection in this rude, profane world. Spiritual souls are pure, innocent, positive, friendly, compassionate and enlightening. They want to serve and help others. But unfortunately, other souls are often quite raw and they perceive spiritual souls as perfect victims for their rude behavior. And such a rude behavior makes spiritual souls suffer a lot as they often do not understand why this happens (because they are good, – too good for this world).

Indeed it is a kind of incompatibility when you have a heavenly nature and you are meant to survive the hell of the material world.

Due to these problems, the basic and traditional idea always was to keep the sacred nature in the adyton, the holy chamber of the temple, while the profane world had to stay outside. This is also a matter of the law of silence. And all is a matter of protection.

So this means that the spiritual soul should keep silence about its true nature while it shows a kind of protective façade to the profane world, so that it appears more or less normal like all other people.

However, it can be difficult to play your role in normal life and to keep your true nature hidden.

There are temporary tools of protection which can help you to manage unpleasant or bad situations in life, in the profane world.

Silence is one basic way. This means that you do not need to follow your subconscious impulse to take part in stupid discussions of immature souls which only want to feed their egos but are not interested in a deeper understanding of truth. And you do not need to comment stupid things from a higher point of view as most people are not interested in getting enlightenment. It means also that you should examine the people in their attitude and behavior and react in a corresponding way. Your measures must fit to the individuals.

If you are attacked, then it is often good to stay calm and centered as this expresses your superiority and that you are not willing to receive blames, attacks, etc. You are not willing to play the game.

Then you can apply a few techniques for specific situations. It is already a big deal for protection to fold your arms (in front of the solar plexus) which protects your solar plexus, your emotional center from energetic influences and attacks during a discussion. If this gesture is not possible, then you can clench your fists which has strengthening and protective effects.

Or you can use your imagination. Imagine a golden sphere around your microcosm where all attacks and bad influences are blocked from reaching you and simply fall into the ground when they bump at your shield. The earth element will keep and dissolve them.

A second nice imagination is the idea of a red coat or a golden coat or maybe also a green coat. So you imagine that you wrap yourself in such a coat which protects you against all attacks and negative influences. The more you do training on this imagination, the more powerful the coat or sphere become. Then do also some tests where you ask a person to attack you with bad words and emotions and observe how you stay completely untouched.

Imagination is the master key. Just learn to use it for your purposes.

And don´t become a victim any longer of stupid, immature people.