The road of success – a meditation

Something which is useful to meditate about: Get into your asana, close your eyes, etc. and then start to imagine that you are on a road, a magical road, the road of full success, the road of abundance, of mastery, wisdom, love and light, the road of power, health and happiness. With every step you make on this road, you increase all these wonderful aspects, you grow and develop yourself. It is the road of your life, a life which is blessed with all these great things. And with every minute you live, you move forward on this road. Imagine that this road is a great road which you enjoy to take, that it guides you to great experiences, to important stations and milestones.

In best case meditate daily about this fact that you are on this road and that you experience all these things, that you progress on this road. Be open and grateful for all these blessings, for divine inspiration and guidance on the road. And know that this road is yours, that you are meant to take it, that you are meant to overcome eventual obstacles.

Go always and permanently this road of success and blessings! Keep it!

This meditation can change your mental setting for your benefit!