Karma healing

During our countless incarnations we really collect all kinds of burdens, problems, disharmonies, bad, traumatic experiences and we receive countless wounds in our souls. And when we have gathered too much of all this shit then we break down and fight endlessly for healing. The balancing of such problems, the healing can take years, decades or even more and it comes along with suffering, pain, with going through hell. You can become easily an expert for the underworld, for pain and torture.

Now the point is that these things are not fun and they do not have any own sense but in fact they are just a call to you to get back into health, into balance and this as soon as possible.

So the aim has to be to get rid of the so-called bad karma as quickly as possible and to go on in your life to accomplish real sense, real aims, high ideals, etc.

And now we come to the next point. When you use normal healing techniques then you certainly work on your problems but you normally do not hit the head because the problems work like onions – you need to pull off layer by layer to get to the core. Normal treatments pull off only a few layers if at all but in most cases they are not able to get the core of the problem.

For this reason I recommend this technique to manage bad karma:

Choose a prayer attitude or a technique where you program energy and use the following formulas:

Example – prayer:

“Father, thank you for dissolving all my bad experiences, all traumatic energies from this life and all my former incarnations! Thank you for liberating me from all these bad energies and influences! Thank you for clearing and healing me from all my bad, traumatic experiences of my past, of all my former incarnations! And thank you, Father for healing all my wounds, all the wounds of my past and my former incarnations! Thank you, Father for the total healing of my mind, my soul and my body! Thank you, Father for healing my life!”

You can program energy for this purpose with a similar formula.

You should repeat this technique until you feel completely liberated from all the dirt of your past and until all your wounds are healed.

Be aware that we suffer in main from all evil experiences throughout our incarnations and that we suffer from all the wounds which have never healed so far. So these two things are the keys for real healing, real harmony and happiness. And on this basis you are able to realize success in your life.

Be also aware that all the bad experiences are just energy which can be dissolved and afterwards you feel much better. And the wounds of your soul are also energetic nature and can heal by spiritual healing treatments. An open wound means that you are hypersensitive in this area/aspect, also that you lose precious energy there. So wounds have to be healed asap.

I wish you that you experience a deep healing and that you enjoy a wonderful liberation and recovery!