The work of the spiritual forces

When you take a look at mankind then you could think that all hope is lost and that the dark forces are the unchallenged rulers in all aspects of society. It is indeed a very unhealthy situation which we have to face – dark rulers who have full power, who have created a dark system and on the other side sleeping, dumb, brainwashed sheep which are quite satisfied with running in the hamster wheel, watching stupid TV and eating junk food.

So you could ask “Hey, where is the light? Where are the forces of light?”

Although it might be not obvious but the forces of light are working on changes for the future of mankind.

One very big movement of the spiritual forces is the unveiling of the old, secret kept knowledge of all spiritual traditions for public, so that indeed everyone can undergo a spiritual training if he likes to. This is something absolutely amazing, something which not a single initiate would have dreamt about until the recent times.

From this movement also new ways of healing occurred which is also very positive. The spiritual revelation of teachings has a diversity of positive influences for society and mankind.

So this is one important level of getting changes realized. It is the level of enlightening people.

And then we can witness a second powerful movement which is caring about the second important aspect of implementing real changes. It deals with pushing people´s health, vitality and fitness. As only someone who is enlightened and in good health, can live in a lawful-natural-positive way.

This second movement is caused by two powerful families which are billionaires and set in a spiritual attitude. Together with a group of brilliant, leading scientists they have created a way to make people healthy, vital, – to empower them for self-responsible lives. It is a worldwide movement and in a few years the fruits will be ready to be reaped. In a few years the world will have changed.

The evil gets more and more hollow. The dark structures are going to break. The light will rise again. All the evil will fight against each other and so will be destroyed in the end. It is a big clearing process which we will experience in the coming years.

After the night the sun rises again!

Originally I wanted to honor here directly the people who do these great jobs but for security reasons I don´t publish their names. I just want to say how grateful and humble I watch their work and that in the future mankind will honor them for what they have accomplished.

At last – we all play our role in this great development. We all have our missions, smaller or bigger ones, it is not important, it is just important to take part and to do the best which is possible.

For the great changes we need everyone. Everyone is important!