The renaissance of the old spirit

Maybe 100 years ago people were integrated in their religious belief and followed their religious traditions. (I speak here especially of Europe, the Western World but I also mean those areas which have made an enormous progress in economics in the last decades in Asia, etc.) Then everything changed due to materialism, materialistic science, a new form of wealth, technics and the experience of being independent from God, religion, morality, ethics, etc. Humans began to feel like gods by themselves without the need of any kind of spiritual guide, leader or priest. People broke up their chains of religion. Along with this development a form of chaos came up where everyone thought he could do whatever he wanted. Selfishness and bad characteristics rosed like never before. The own profit was the new god to worship and to defend against all others.

The results of this satanic, atheistic and materialistic doom of mankind are well known. It is the suffering world we live in with all its mind blowing problems.

Many people meanwhile have understood that this can´t go on, that something basically is missing. At the moment we can witness a change of thinking, a phase of awakening. Most people do not know how things have to change for a better future but they believe that it will happen somehow and hopefully soon. A few people already think about the necessary changes and how they might look like.

Something important what we can observe is the renaissance of the old spiritual traditions worldwide. On the one hand this means that all spiritual traditions are taught today in a public way for everyone. On the other hand this means that the old beliefs, traditions, the old spirit is reawakening. It is like you are living your life quite normally and suddenly you awaken and remember your roots, – your Celtic roots of following the Druid tradition or your roots of the spirit of the Native Americans or your true Christian roots and so on. Everywhere people will remember their spiritual origins and start to live them again. It is like the awakening from a nightmare, a nightmare called materialism. You get up, sweaty, heavy breathing and you are grateful that it was just a very bad dream. Unfortunately we have to cope with the real effects of this bad dream.

With the renaissance of the old spirit people will become ready for the universal teachings, the source of all spiritual traditions and they will focus on their development and the healing of our world.