A special time quality

In our days we can witness a very special phenomenon. Life moves faster. I do not mean the stress today, etc. It is something different and quite interesting. Throughout history life was paced in a normal way. One thing followed the next thing. All went step by step. I like to call this the normal pace. And with this I mean that you got your education, your job, you married, you got children and one day you died. This was good to manage and very clear, well organized.

Seen from the spiritual point of view, a person had to manage only a very few lessons or tasks per life and incarnation. “I learn this profession, I meet this woman to marry, I get those children, etc. and all this to learn, to make personal progress, to balance old problems, conflicts and imbalances and so on. This is the idea or fact that life in the material world is somehow a school for human development. And in fact before you incarnate you plan your journey of life with the most important milestones on your way, – just to make progress, to make new experiences and to grow.

Today we experience no longer the normal pace. Our lives are packed with lessons, tasks and experiences which normally last for 2-3 incarnations. So in fact we do a lot of work in this incarnation, in this time. This means that quite often we have not a single education but two or three or more, that we have one, two, three partners, that we change several times the place we live and so on. From the higher point of view this all serves to balance old karma, old problems and to make a lot of new experiences which make us grow.

The bad side effect is that this causes stress and that we lack of time everywhere. On the other hand we work off a lot of old karma in shortest time.

It is good to understand this issue. It is not a mistake and not your mistake when things are very complex in life. It is just the quality of the time we live in. It is our challenge to cope with these circumstances.

By the way, a connected topic is why we have so many wars in the last 100 years, so much violence, etc. From the human point of view this is all very bad. Indeed it is. From the higher point of view all these wars and problems with terrorism and religious extremism are situations where a lot of really bad karma has been and is going to be dissolved. In fact the World Wars were the big chance to balance bad karma, to liberate a lot of souls from their karmic debts. So indeed war, fights, etc. are big clearing processes. When you examine the fates of people who came to death by war, terror, etc. then you see that these people accepted it before their incarnations as a real chance to balance the evil they did once in their past.

So in conclusion wars are not good but they are a used chance to balance old evil karma. Further on wars are also a great chance for awakening, for returning to the true values of life, for understanding that wars are never a solution. Wars are the most stupid thing humans can do.

Please see both aspects, the spiritual one and the human one to understand such phenomena.