The special quality of a spiritual community

When you compare a spiritual community with a normal community then you can sense very big differences. Normal communities in life or business follow a certain aim. A need, wish or aim makes people gather to work for it. Beside the main aim of the community there are a lot of other aims, needs and wishes of the individual persons. These are often in conflict with the ideas or interests of the other members. This causes conflicts, problems, fights. Indeed there is a lot of selfishness in people. People also try to rule over others, to force them, to cheat. People try nearly everything to serve their selfish aims without respect to the needs and wishes of others. Indeed you know this and you can witness this every day in society, in life and at your job. Such a behavior takes also place in families, partnership and among friends. People unfortunately often lack of positive characteristics.

Something completely different is a spiritual community. A spiritual community consists of at least two students, seekers or a student and his master. Sometimes a spiritual community consists of several students on different levels of progress and a master. But this is not really important. Important is that a spiritual community is always based on a true spiritual attitude. Indeed such a community can provide the greatest human relationship, the great experience of true brotherly love and understanding, of real respect and appreciation, of true commitment, of real care and compassion. There is no holier and greater relationship than between a master and his student. The student perceives the master as an incarnation of the divine spirit and the master shares his divine love and wisdom with his student. When several students meet to go together a good part of the way, then they do it in true brotherly love. It is indeed the great feeling of brotherhood, of being from one family and often it feels like meeting someone again after a hundred years.

So in fact a real spiritual community is always something very special, something holy and uplifting, something where you feel at home, where selfishness and bad characteristics do not exist, where love and wisdom rule, where one care for another.

And this great feeling, this great idea is the basis for SURA-ITF. It is the idea that all real spiritual people know that we are one family and that love is the basis of each family.

The SURA association is the meeting point for all true fellows, for true friendship, for love and understanding, for true compassion and commitment. It is the place where divine love, wisdom and light rule.

With these thoughts I invite you all, my dear spiritual brothers and sisters to join this holy community!

In light, love and service – as always,