The Prison of Mankind

Most people are imprisoned. Not physically but invisibly. People are born in prison, raised in prison and they die in prison without recognizing the prison. In fact, it would be the perfect prison if the living conditions weren´t so painful. Due to the pains, people feel that something is wrong but they don´t understand what it is. There is just the pain, the suffering. When the pain is getting too strong, some individuals start to revolt but this causes even more pain and punishment. And then they break. The will is broken. But then there are other individuals who have a deeper insight about the situation and they grow in the understanding of the invisible prison. They start to understand the underlying complexity. And if they are strong enough, they follow a path through pain and suffering, facing the darkness of the world, walking through the underworld where they leave their own darkness to be able to turn to the light. And then the day comes where they receive enlightenment and understanding. Then they see the prison of their fellow men while they have accomplished freedom.

The question might rise how the prison is built, how it can exist without any recognition. The answer is because it is so subtle and all-controlling.

It is based on a natural process – the process of learning and the corresponding behavior afterwards. We call this also “conditioning”. The process of learning normally starts with being exposed to a new situation which you have to manage successfully. This new situation takes much effort of the intellect and all present skills. The measure for the evaluation of good and bad or success and failure is given by the situation and especially by others who have a superior position. For example, imagine here a situation at school with your teacher or remember the training for your driver license.

So in conclusion the process of learning together with the expected results is determined. If you are successful it is good, if not you will receive a kind of punishment or problems which both mean suffering. After a while of working in the learning process, the new behavior has been “digested” and becomes an automatic program and behavior of the subconsciousness. On this level, the behavior is not questioned any more but now a habit, a part of your personality. For example, think about swimming, biking or simple things like brushing your teeth in the morning, preparing coffee, etc. Once something is learned, no one questions it any more. And this is true for all aspects of life, for you as a person, for your social interaction, your opinions, your faith, your philosophy, for political attitude, etc. All actions in life have been automated as programs of the subconsciousness. Only new situations force you to start consciously thinking.

All human beings are conditioned. In one aspect this is useful and makes life feasible but on the other hand there is no protection against the lacking of differentiation between good and bad or useful and nonsense. And once this conditioning has happened, it can cause pain and still won´t be questioned by the majority of people. This is the invisible prison. Only a very few understand this problem on their own and start to dissolve this conditioning to become free again. As it touches all aspects of life, the liberation is a painful and long process, taking a lot of energy and sacrifices. And all those who you love are still in prison which causes even more pain. For this reason Jesus said that he is not here to bring peace but to bring the sword to separate you from those you love, the son from father and family, etc.

This process of liberating yourself requests that you question absolutely everything and that you study the world in a most comprehensive way. Most people grow up with one-dimensional teachings about all aspects of life and you simply need to understand the whole picture to get a realistic understanding of everything.

The process of liberating yourself including the clearing walk through the underworld and the enlightenment afterwards is what the spiritual path is made up.

The prison of mankind is so gigantic and it takes a superhuman power to dissolve it, to guide mankind to liberty.

Lately I have witnessed people in pain and agony due to being in this prison and also some who have escaped it and who enjoy a completely new world full of freedom, full of possibilities.

This is simply amazing.

The worst prisons are built by religion and the atheistic-materialistic science or philosophy. Spirituality is the answer.