The nourishing of new skills

Only short: To realize new qualities, new powers, new skills and the unfolding of higher centers of the soul, we use specific energies plus a fitting formula in various techniques like meditation, concentration, prayers, elementals, etc.

Keywords of such formulas are in main activate, awake, strengthen, refine, unfold, stabilize, integrate, etc.

A further keyword is “nourishing”. Nourishing implies a continuous supply of energies which helps to build up the growing structure of the new skill. This process requires a source of energy which can deliver the energy over a longer period of time. In best case we work directly with the divine source by repeated prayers and meditations. But other sources are also imaginable.

The term “nourishing” is of great value for the practice.

In general it makes sense to compare the work we are talking about with the growing of a flower. So first we have to prepare the ground, then we set the right seed, then we have to water (nourish) the seed and observe how it is growing and unfolding in a process which takes time and care. In the end, the flower has unfolded itself completely and the work is done.

With this image in mind, we can work on all skills, qualities, powers, etc.

So care for the nourishing, for the supply of vitalizing energies.