Imagine…you could taste the feeling…

I am not going to talk about Coca Cola advertisement but the slogan fits well to my topic. So life is all about making experiences and from these experiences you grow in your personality and in the understanding of creation. Normally, we need countless incarnations to make the main experiences in all aspects of life. This is quite a lot of time and often coming along with much suffering. In the end we learn to appreciate the good in life while we understand the bad side and the suffering which is connected to it.

Now let us make a thought experiment. Let us imagine that we would have the possibility to make all kinds of experiences directly in one life, maybe as a kind of test period before we really make a choice for or against something.

So let´s imagine, you want to incarnate and before you do so, you take part in this test period to try different life styles, different forms of behavior, positions in society, maybe also different jobs, different beliefs, religions and certainly different parts of the world with their unique culture, tradition, etc.

In this way, you would get to know the good aspects, the bad aspects, the evil aspects, the real values and after all, you would get a comprehensive understanding, an overall picture of the human race, of creation, your possibilities in life and the individual way, you would prefer to take.

Imagine how amazing such an experience would be. You could try everything before you really make up your mind.

The interesting question is in the end which conclusions you would draw from all your experiences.

Maybe or probably you would prefer freedom, authenticity, a natural life style in consonance with creation and you would emphasize the true values of life. And probably you would neglect all those things which only cause suffering for selfish, stupid and limited purposes. In other words, after such comprehensive experiences, you would be a wise being, living in harmony with itself and creation, enjoying life in authenticity and freedom.

Unfortunately, we have no test period and wrong decisions can easily cost years and decades of suffering and wisdom is something which normally crowns a long journey of spiritual development.

But also without a test period, everyone can study the diversity of ideas, the diversity of cultures, traditions, forms of living, beliefs, religions and in best case he will be able to make a good choice for himself.

From the spiritual point of view, we are asked to get the whole picture and not to focus on one or a few points. God is complete, creation is complete and the human being is complete. Only our chosen life style is often incomplete and one-dimensional.