Human traps, brainwashing and manipulation

The recent election in the USA has shown again the major problems from which we humans suffer so much. Humans can be easily manipulated as they offer so much potential to do it. But it is not only the potential of the human being. It is the sum of potential, decades of brain washing, toxication and the setting of mental disorders as the standard for people today. So it is no real wonder when apparently well-educated, intelligent people proudly demonstrate full of emotions for those who keep them suffering in slavery, in a world of illusions. People today are far away from being able to distinguish good from bad. Many people are so brain washed that they believe that good is bad and bad is good. So in fact, the dark side has made a good job in converting people.

The world is so crazy today that it is already amazing and fascinating. Imagine a flock of sheep. In former times, the shepherd was like a king, the absolute ruler. When the old shepherd died, his son took over and became the next shepherd. For some time this was all okay for the sheep but every time they got problems, they put all the guilt on the shepherd and so the shepherd had the trouble. One day the shepherd had the idea to calm down his sheep by offering them democracy where they could elect their favorite shepherd. This was very smart as it created the illusion of choice and with this of power for the sheep and further on they were in charge if problems occur as they were responsible for the election of the shepherd. And certainly this trick would never change anything of the real business.

The sheep were enthusiastic about “democracy” and soon they started to put a lot of energy into discussing who would be the best shepherd. In fact, the old shepherd had two sons and the sheep could only choose between both. So it is all still family business and in control of the old shepherd. But sheep are dull and so it was a kind of entertainment for the shepherd and his family.

As usual, both candidates for the office of the president shepherd of the sheep flock, had to do election campaigns to captivate the attention of the sheep and to withdraw it from the secret preparation of the big slaughtering in the near future. So the candidates were very busy with speech-making, talking about the bright future of the sheep and all the good things they wanted to accomplish for them. And certainly the usual pictures of the friendly shepherds holding little cute sheep babies didn´t miss their aims. “Have you seen how nice our shepherd Bob looks like? A good father and real gentleman! And how much he cares about our little ones! He will be the best shepherd for the president office!” said one sheep lady to her neighbor. “Yes, but I prefer Samuel. He stands strong in faith and tradition. And he is so cute. I love him. He touched my hair when he came for the speech. And he is so right. We simply need better conditions in the flock!”

In the end Bob has won the election, maybe because he had posted the cutest sheep selfies with his followers on facebook. Unfortunately, he was not able to keep his promises of improving the conditions in the flock. As usual, the financial basis was bad and the income was lower than predicted. But Bob had some nice ideas and taught his sheep about making career in the flock, about increasing the performance and with this the income and certainly about to raise the efficiency in general. The sheep were enthusiastic about the chance to make career. And when the efficiency could be raised, the taxes could grow as well and with this more money would be available for better living conditions in the flock. Wonderful!

So some sheep started directly to eat more and to produce more wool while others got into higher positions to control the other sheep according to the good shepherd´s will. The fattest sheep were chosen for special missions on long terms (where they didn´t come back but no one asked anymore.)

The shepherd was happy with the positive changes, especially with the increased efficiency, although it seemed that more and more sheep needed meds as they started suffering from bad health and depressions. But thanks to the pharma industry, this was no real problem. While in former times, the shepherd had to use force, now the sheep happily came to him for milking, for shearing and even for “special missions” the sheep were more than ready to take part. They sent also their youngest ones to the shepherd for special care. This special care and the special missions certainly meant slaughter but the sheep were too dull to check it. The shepherd was also so clever to give the sheep a nice religion with the idea of a heavenly afterlife with the best and freshest grass in plentitude for every sheep. So everything was fine.

But certainly, from time to time also a clever sheep was born which started to question things. “Why are we not free? Why do we need a shepherd and what is he really doing?” “Don´t put so stupid questions my child! Without the shepherd we would be powerless and exposed to all the evil wolves outside. The shepherd is a good man who only has the best intentions for us!” answered the mother. “But I have seen how he has slaughtered my friend and the big fat sheep which I saw every day!” “Oh my child, these are stupid conspiracy theories! Don´t believe such nonsense. The fat sheep was ill and died from his disease and your friend is in the special care of the shepherd.”

And they all lived happily ever after.

People are in general the sheep flock of the elite and normally you cannot escape the flock, you can only make career in the flock to produce more income, more taxes for the elite. What is called democracy today is just a nice entertainment show with lots of illusions. But it is satisfying the masses as they believe that they have power and influence. And at last, you can only choose the representative of the elite which is exploiting and cheating you. When someone talks about freedom and changing the system, people perceive him as an enemy of the established system who needs to be combated. They are so brainwashed and feel so comfortable that they prefer the old, evil system instead of freedom and self-responsibility. “Yeah, it is bad and we are suffering, but let´s go on!”

It is so amazing.

Originally, I just wanted to write some lines about “human traps”. So I want to talk about this now to show how easy it is to manipulate humans.

We can say that there is a polarity of the mind with clear, logical thinking, questioning and understanding and the opposite pole of emotions, desires, needs and passions. The problem is that you must choose one pole as you cannot be at the same time in both poles. This means, either you think clearly or you are lost in your emotions. Someone who is fully in his emotions cannot think clearly and logically. This is called the “psychological fog”. For this reason it makes absolutely no sense at all to try to put logical arguments to a person who is full of emotions. This person cannot think at the moment but only react emotionally.

And this means if you address the emotional level or desires, etc. of a person then the person can easily be manipulated while the intellect is blocked.

Have you ever wondered why politicians love to make photos with little children? Or why they address the people´s needs, dreams and wishes in their speeches although they cannot satisfy them? It is all to trigger your positive emotions. And this is also true for negative emotions like fear. “We have to do this, so that you do not have to fear that!” No one wants to fear something, so we are easily convinced to behave like the politician wants us to.

There are many aspects of brain washing and manipulation. It is really time for people to wake up and to escape the flock. We are not sheep which is meant to be slaughtered and exploited for the elite.

Question your beliefs, your attitude and your emotions. Question those who seem to be nice and good. And question your understanding of those who are presented as bad or crazy.

Are you alive and conscious? Or are you an unconscious, living puppet, following the movements of the puppet master?

There are too many shining examples today for dullness. Where are the enlightened ones?

Mental disorder should be not the standard for people today. We have to get back into our natural state of power.