About so-called “weaknesses”

In IIH Bardon points out how important it is to refine the own personality, – to get rid of bad characteristics and to grow positive qualities. Balance is a major goal in the whole training. So far so good.

Certainly you can and should work on what is called “weakness” but if you are smart, you examine this weakness first, to understand the reason why it exists and then you have a much better position to deal with it.

This means that weakness is not just a weak point in your character but that it has a meaning. This meaning has a logical basis and is rooted in the laws of (meta-) physics.

Let´s take an example to understand it better. One of the best known “weaknesses” is smoking, another one is eating too many sweets, a third one is maybe procrastination or sticking in the comfort zone.

Why does someone smoke? In general for social reasons and simply because you have started as a teenager because all guys in your group were smoking. Smoking makes it easy to socialize, to get into contact with others. It offers also an excuse to have a break and to talk. Smoking makes you think that you are cool which you might have learned from movies. Smoking helps you to calm down as well as to get active. So once you have understood these aspects, then you can decide for yourself to quit smoking as you can socialize and feel good easily without smoking and maybe even better as you are not stinking anymore. You can make also breaks without smoking and it offers many advantages to quit smoking completely. The point is just to become aware of all aspects, good ones, bad ones and the roots and how it will be to be a non-smoker.

Or why do people eat too much or too many sweets? It appears like a weakness but it goes beyond this. It is indeed a subconscious way to compensate something what you are missing. Some people compensate the lacking of love, of a loving relationship while others compensate too much stress and a lacking of balance in life. Maybe also the sweetness of life is missing. So in conclusion, the weakness has a function, the function to compensate something, to keep a kind of working balance in life.

If you drop now this behavior of eating sweets, you need a different kind of compensation. In best case you find the loving partner or the satisfying balance in life or you reduce your stress. But if you just try to fight your weakness without further understanding of the real problem, you probably won´t be successful. Then you can spend weeks, months and years full of frustration, without any progress, where you question everything in the end.

And what is the problem with your comfort zone? Why do you feel stuck in it? Why does it feel so hard to do your training or to go beyond this zone of comfort?

Again, this can have different causes and only when you understand your individual problem, then you can manage it successfully.

Being stuck in the comfort zone has often reasons like negative emotions connected to leaving it and also a lack of energy. These emotions are often a matter of bad experiences in childhood where you have learned that it is bad to try something new or to have an adventure while staying in your comfort zone had the meaning of being safe and accepted by the adults. And when you lack of energy, then it is maybe a kind of imbalance which needs professional treatment or you simply have to raise your energy level by physical training.

Bad experiences are results of a learning process. They can be replaced by positive experiences. Life consists of new experiences. Just go out and get some. Start with smaller ones with a low level of resistance and then grow to manage bigger ones. Get help if needed. No one is perfect and we all are here to grow.

Positive experiences unfold amazing powers and motivation!

Escape your subconscious limitations by spreading light on the problems with your mind.

Do it like Julius Caesar who came, saw and triumphed. This means that he examined a problem, understood it and then managed it successfully. “Veni, vidi, vici!”

In general understand that all your powers and qualities are a matter of physics, metaphysics which have a subconscious level of automatic patterns of behavior as well as conscious active acting. And this all in the frame of systems where we all are like knots in a net, all interdependent and each other balancing. This means i. a. that you have people around you who balance your characteristics in positive and negative ways.

These are just a few further hints for your studies. Check out “system theory”, subconscious behavior patterns, etc.

And at last, don´t feel bad about your weakness, – better understand them and then find useful ways of balancing them instead of the unhealthy strategies which you have applied so far.