The positive principle in the world

The world is ruled by two principles, the positive principle and the negative principle. Obviously the negative principle is quite dominant. The negative principle is connected to all lower emotions and desires and with this to lower quality thinking and behavior. It is nearly all about the satisfaction of limited selfish desires at the expense of others and creation. In contrary to this, the positive principle is connected to higher feelings, higher states of mind, to a higher, refined human nature, to love, compassion, abundance, wisdom, etc.

We can say that the positive principle has divine origins where in opposite the negative principle origins from the material world, from limitations.

During our incarnation on the material plane we experience limitations everywhere and we have to work, often fight for the satisfaction of our needs. The natural abundance is not really available today and this supports the negative principle, the selfishness, the profit maximization at the expense of others and creation.

The idea of making profit comes along with the idea of making as much money as possible as money is the universal energy which you can use to satisfy all your needs in the material world. And in economics you learn that you maximize your profit by reducing you effort to the lowest possible degree. So in fact you shall produce something as cheap as possible to sell it with the highest possible price to make the highest possible profit. This rule does not respect or include ethics or quality or wisdom or responsibility towards humans, society and creation, etc. It is a plain law for making much money. And this law rules today the whole world. Everything today is subjected to this law. Everything is subjected to money. There is nothing else which counts.

Let us now have a look on the positive principle today. It still exists. But it is subject to the money law. This means, only if a positive action, a positive project brings money according to the law of profit maximization, then it will be realized and supported. In fact positive projects do not bring money but in most cases only cost money and so they are not realized. Today positive projects are often only realized to increase the reputation of someone which serves indirectly the making of more money than before.

There is also a second way to realize the positive principle. The positive principle is necessary to make this world work. Without the positive principle there is no development and no maintenance but only destruction. And only due to this necessity of the positive principle it is realized in most cases today. And only as far as absolutely necessary – as it costs money.

So these are the reasons why the positive principle is active only on the lowest, basic level. You simply cannot become rich with being positive, with positive projects. If this were different then in shortest time you would experience heaven on earth. But unfortunately you can only make money according to the law of economics.

And the only chance for real changes is to enrich the evil law of economics with the conditions of ethics, wisdom, sustainability, responsibility and compassion.

So this is indeed the great challenge to realize this change for the benefit of our children and creation.