The pineal gland & core-self healing

The pineal gland plays a major role in all spiritual traditions and it is connected to the third eye. In the Indian teachings, the pineal gland is also known as the blue pearl, the core of the self, which is symbolized as the blue eye of the peacock feather. For example, Krishna is wearing such a feather and he is playing the flute which is the symbol for the Shushumna, the central energy channel with the chakras, the holes of the flute.

Now, all spiritual traditions work somehow more or less “professionally” on the awakening of the pineal gland respectively on the awakening of the third eye. There is a lot of superficial knowledge, – opinions, half-truths, etc. about these topics. I don´t want to clarify them here but I want to show you a hidden – most important – meaning of the pineal gland as the physical location of the core-self like I call it. The pineal gland can be directly addressed for healing purposes and then interesting things happen. The divine self gets activated which is a blessing indeed and a very positive experience. Then further on the Kundalini Shakti gets activated. Depending on the degree of refinement and balance, this could be a nice experience, empowering, strengthening or it can cause heat and old bad memories and bad emotions can come up into the consciousness as an effect of clearing and healing. This is certainly very positive but can be quite unpleasant (temporarily). The work with the pineal gland causes effects which cannot be accomplished by other healing methods. It is the master key which opens all doors, also those where you might have tried all kinds of keys before without success.

So in conclusion, this way of healing is simply awesome but not always nice.

Further on, I can also say that clairvoyance with the third eye and the development of the golden energy body are also connected to the pineal gland.

In the Sura Academy, we offer the work on the pineal gland for supporting healing processes and the spiritual development itself.

Besides this, I offer such healing sessions also for non-members in the frame of my healing treatments as a spiritual healer.