A trick for questions about yourself

As you know there are many ways to put questions and to receive answers by using your intuition. If you ask for other persons then the answers might be quite good and useful. But in general, when you put question regarding your own person, then this brings problems. These can be problems of subconscious influences or of projections of wishes or the answers are very limited simply to do not intervene into your “fate”. So it is easier to ask for someone else than for yourself. It is similar with healing or solving problems. If someone else is concerned, it is much easier and more successful than treating yourself.

For these reasons, it is always good to find a second person who puts the questions to his intuition which you want to have answered.

But you can use also a trick which is very simple. Don´t ask directly for yourself but treat yourself like a second person you ask for. For example, let´s imagine your name is John. Then you do not ask “When do I meet my spiritual teacher?” but you say “When does John meet his spiritual teacher?” And then you have the best chances for a good answer.

In conclusion, this is a little trick but it has important psychological effects. You can use this trick certainly with all tools your normally take for putting questions (pendulum, tarot cards, direct Akasha reading, etc.).