The God´s Name EL

The name EL for God is known from the Jewish tradition but was also used by other people in this area. EL is used also in connection to further divine attributes like El Shaddai. El can also be attached to the names of angels and you find it in the plural form Elohim.

Using the name EL points always at “The Highest”. When we analyze the name, then we easily understand its root and its meaning. Like many names, EL is a quabbalistic formula, consisting of two cosmic letters. E has the meaning of cosmic consciousness and L has the meaning of divine majesty. So in fact, we deal here with the highest divine majesty in form of the cosmic consciousness.

Although God has many virtues of divine, macrocosmic quality, we can say that his nature as pure cosmic consciousness is his highest or primordial “revelation”. And L expresses perfectly the nature of the divine majesty.

In conclusion, from the quabbalistic point of view it is logical that the name EL is used to express the Highest God.

It is also interesting that EL has been used in Spanish to express “he” or “IL” in Italian for “she” or “Er” in German for “he” which all shows deeper relationships. The human languages have hidden relations to the cosmic language which are fascinating.