Double Polarity and Synchronization

When people talk about duality or polarity, then they have the idea of two poles in mind. For example, they talk about the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang or the polarity of light and darkness or the elements of fire and water, etc. This is nice and okay, but it is not sufficient when you want to achieve a deep understanding of creation. At least, we have to add a second polarity to the first one, so that we get a “double polarity” or a “fourfold polarity”. And I am talking not about the four elements here. In that case, we would come to an eightfold or twelvefold polarity.

Let´s come back to the original polarity of fire and water, respectively yang and yin. Fire and water are the primordial polarity. The fourfold or double polarity shows up in the fact that both poles have further two poles. Fire as well as water can be positive, vitalizing, constructive and on the other hand both can be negative, destructive, deadly.

First level of polarity: Fire (+) and Water (-)

On the second level of polarity we have four cases:

  1. Fire (+)(+) and Water (-)(+):Both poles have vitalizing effects.
  2. Fire (+)(+) and Water (-)(-):Fire is vitalizing and water is destructive.
  3. Fire (+)(-) and Water (-)(-):Both poles have destructive effects.
  4. Fire (+)(-) and Water (-)(+): Fire is destructive and water is vitalizing.

These four cases can be examined everywhere in creation, in all creatures and in the human being. In connection to these primordial poles, we have a diversity of analogies.

One main point of this fourfold polarity is that we have problem if both poles are not synchronized. This means, if the fire pole has vitalizing effects while the water pole shows destructive effects, then we have the case that both work against each other. We have indeed a conflict in the unit of polarity. On the other hand, if both poles are synchronized in their effects, both vitalizing or both destructive, then we have a harmony in the work of the polarity of the unit in question.

This is physics or metaphysics and maybe not directly easy to understand. So let us check this situation in examples:

In a partnership of a man (fire) and a woman (water) both build a higher unit of polarity, where both poles, man and woman, are interactive, interdependent and in a permanent exchange of male and female energies. Now we can see quite often that man and woman are “fighting” each other. One pole is positive and the other pole is destructive (cases 2 or 4). This takes a lot of energy and brings disharmony and problems. In best case, man and woman synchronize in their opinions, behavior and work which means harmony, the combination of powers and good results in the end.

The same situation is true for the normal consciousness, including will and intellect (positive pole), and the subconsciousness (negative pole). The principle of will is fire, the impulse giving part, and the subconsciousness is water, the parturient part, – the male and female aspects of consciousness. In the case of disharmony, the will says “I want to do my training today.” and the subconsciousness answers “Staying lazy on the couch, watching TV and eating chips are more attractive.” And then you have a problem – if the will is not strong enough to deal with the subconsciousness. This is typical for what we call ambivalence. It is a kind of inner conflict, a disharmony.

In best case, will and subconsciousness are synchronized. Here the wish of the will is “incubated” by the subconsciousness. This is comparable to the procreation of a baby by the “cooperation” of father and mother. When both poles cooperate, then we use 100% to achieve perfect effects or results.

In conclusion, in life we often face the challenge to overcome the negative disharmony of polarities and to replace it by a wonderful and powerful synchronization for optimal results.

Maybe, at last the question remains, how to achieve this superior and wonderful, harmonious cooperation of both poles. The key are as usual love, understanding and living in the present moment. When the two poles have a loving relationship, then only good can result. It is the higher unity, which has to be realized.