For Sura Academy Members: The Student Version of Bardon´s Teachings

Meanwhile I have worked out more than 1500 pages of teachings for the Sura Academy to support training and development on a high quality level. My latest work is a new and most authentic translation of IIH which includes over thousand comments for a better understanding, more headlines and a comprehensive index for research. The layout is optimized for studies.

Now the honest student is able to read the teachings of Bardon without simplifications, without missing details and without misunderstandings or in other words – in the most authentic way.

I hope to serve all sincere brothers and sisters on the path with this work. It is the Path to Real Adepthood, like Bardon called his book in the original.

This and more awaits you in the Sura Academy.

It is time to grow and to develop Mastery!


In love, light and service,

yours, Ray


PS: For more information about the Sura Academy please send me an email.

The website should be ready in April of May this year (2016).