Some words about alchemy

In the spiritual training, we are busy with alchemy, consciously or unconsciously, as we deal with the transformation, the refinement of our human nature to divine degrees.

This process of transformation is quite interesting as we start with a conglomerate of different kinds of energies, qualities and structures, called human nature and in the end we gain a homogenous substance in perfection, human gold, the divine nature.

This is the challenge of the spiritual student, to transform his conglomerate into gold. Indeed, there are a few measures which are logical and always the same for everyone.

Let´s imagine that we examine a candidate for this process of transformation. We take a closer look at his nature, “the conglomerate”, and we notice how it is composed. There are good qualities, good energies of mind and soul. There are vital aspects, refined characteristics, normal ones and we discover also some aspects of lower quality, maybe even of bad quality. Then we see that some aspects are well developed while others are missing in parts or completely. We notice harmonies, but also disharmonies, impurities, wasted energies, maybe ill and traumatic emotional energies, good and bad patterns of thinking, of emotions and behavior.

In conclusion, the conglomerate consists of:

The three planes of existence – mind, soul and body. Good, normal and bad energies in quality and quantity on all three planes. And all this in the corresponding structures.

After this analysis we move on with taking the necessary measures. The good aspects are good and useful. They can be developed and refined in quality and power (quantity) further on. The normal aspects can be refined to the better. The bad aspects must be dissolved or transformed into the positive opposite. Disharmonies must be balanced to gain a state of harmony which means health, wellbeing and happiness. Negative structures have to be dissolved as well or transformed or replaced by the positive opposite.

So the student has to undergo a process of cleaning, healing and refinement.

This process has to follow the law of balance which means that all aspects according to the four elements on mind, soul and body have to be developed in quality and quantity in the same way. All keys of wisdom have to be applied here.

One main method to work on this is to use the four elements. So we use fire (heat/ expansion), air (lightness/ balance), water (cold/ attraction) and the earth element (condensation/ stabilization) to work mainly on the soul. In fact, we cook the soul in the fire and dissolve impurities, we balance the soul with air and dissolve the heavy weights of life, we cool and refresh the soul with water and we build new structures with the earth element. The human conglomerate undergoes a compressive treatment with all four elements for cleaning, healing and refinement in quality and power. This treatment takes a long time and the work with the four elements is repeated over and over again. In this way all four elements are strengthened, refined and balanced in the soul in a most perfect way. The soul is saturated with the positive energies of the elements while the negative impurities are dissolved. In the end, the fifth element is accomplished, the essence of the four elements, the Akasha element. From Akasha all elements are born and into Akasha all elements dissolve back into unity. The gold state is accomplished – total balance in quality and quantity with respect to the universal laws of creation and spiritual development.

This is the alchemy of the five elements. In an analogue way, we know this also on the material plane where alchemists work in this way on spagyrics.

As Bardon would say – there are many names for the spiritual development and training but at last the student has to pass the same milestones.