The overdue reformation of religions

Religions are an interesting topic in many aspects. They are not homogeneous but composed of different, also contrary teachings. So we find teachings of a high, universal level of refinement about divine love, compassion, wisdom, mankind as one great family where all are brothers and sisters. Then there are traditional teachings which origin of the context of time, place and culture. We find also moralistic teachings which have the purpose to organize the life in the community. And at last we have the evil teachings which allow in the name of God all kinds of crime, torture, punishment, abuse, etc. Besides these teachings, we often find narrations about events in the past, of high quality and bad quality. In conclusion, this is the mixture, which we call religion.

Due to this mixture, religion is similar to a “supermarket” where everyone can get what he is looking for. The refined person sees only the good and noble in his religion. The traditionalist refers to the traditional teachings of behavior and morals. And the criminal or evil guy points at the bad teachings and justifies with them his bad deeds. All followers will say the same: “God wants it this way!”

Now, we could think that this is as it is, good and evil united in the name of God or religion. But in fact, we have to consider that humans undergo an evolution of spirit and soul. We grow in love, wisdom and understanding from the raw character to the refined, enlightened one. And this means, that all the evil, dogmatic teachings in religion have no value and no legality for the mature soul. They serve only those with an unrefined character and their evil deeds.

Unfortunately, the refined souls have been always in a minority but however, they should and have to be the leaders, the guides for all others. The enlightened, refined persons must be the teachers of the community, to show the right path and to teach the higher laws.

And it is up to these guiding lights in religion who worship the uniting love of God, the divine compassion and wisdom, to separate the wheat from the chaff, the light from the darkness.

It is high time to reform the religious teachings, to clean them from the dirt of time, from the evil and to cultivate the spiritual beauty, the spiritual treasures, to give the followers ideals, a higher sense in life and to support the good in people.

Only when this long overdue reformation in the religions takes place, we have the chance for a better and life-affirming future.

We simply have had enough torture, killing, abuse, crime and discrimination in the name of God – who was never asked in this case but indeed all the evil has always been man-made, – proclaimed and implemented from the scum of the earth.

When the all-embracing love of God is flourishing in your heart and when you mind is enlightened, then you never can teach or do any evil. This is also valid for the founders of religions. If they were truly blessed with the Spirit of God, then they taught in the name of love, light and wisdom, and all dark teachings have different sources. You simply cannot preach unconditional love and mercy on the one hand, and torture and hate on the other hand.

I really hope that I can witness such reformations for the benefit of mankind in this incarnation. It lies in the hand of the enlightened souls, the realized teachers of the various religions to separate the wheat from the chaff for the benefit of their followers.

It is high time! Otherwise, war, hate and discrimination will grow as well as the suffering and pain.