The liberation of the ego versus freedom by divine unity

When you examine the spiritual-esoteric “market” then you find in main three offers or paths. One path is the original spiritual path towards the unity with the Divine. The opposite of this path is the one which leads to the dark side. And the third path is dualistic which is quite famous today.

However, in creation we have the free choice and everyone has to make the experiences he is longing for. So I don´t want to judge here about what is good and what not but I want to point at the different results which wait for the followers of the three paths.

Let´s start with the real dark side and its path. Either you are a psychopath and driven by unhealthy ideas or you are driven by lower desires and the wish to dominate, manipulate and destroy others. These are indeed differences. In the first case you might connect to other psychopaths for cooperation. According to your nature you fight each other without any mercy and everything is just a game of win and lose. In the second case you try to increase your desires and the satisfaction of them. Here it is easy to get under the control of negative beings and to become the victim of a diversity of parasites. In worst case the original human being becomes a hollow puppet which is misused by dark forces. The light is gone is such a person as it is ruled by pure darkness. You have lost your freedom completely and only in the best case it takes several incarnations to turn back to the light.

The original spiritual path is the absolute opposite. Here it is all about to follow the natural evolution of spirit and soul in a proactive way by undergoing a corresponding training. The human being grows in steps beyond its limited nature and unfolds its original divine nature. In this process the individual grows also beyond the limitations of the so-called ego and takes part in the nature of eternity, the cosmic or divine nature. When the divine nature has been accomplished and the soul experiences its cosmic nature, then the soul understands the real meaning of freedom, – the freedom from the limitations of the ego and the freedom of eternity, of the pure being and the peace and abundance which are coming along with it. So indeed the highest and most comprehensive freedom can only be experienced in God, in the realization of the own and original divine nature, the state of unity.

And now we turn to the maybe most interesting path, – the dualistic one. The special quality of this path is that it includes positive and negative ideas and mirrors in this way the normal human nature. It says “Be authentic, be good and bad, follow your own will, simply do what you want! You are your own god. You don´t need other gods or a church.” In these ideas we find the root problem which mankind faces throughout its history, – the suppression of the individual and its needs and wishes by society, by morals, by the state and by religion. The human being is born as a free being but it is bound quite soon into a system of restrictions and conditioning. Freedom and knowledge are not useful in a society of workers who have in main the purpose to produce and to create wealth for the elite. We can say that the ego is suppressed, violated, limited, hurt, etc. and this lets the wish grow to liberate the ego and to live without the chains of society, religion and state, respectively to follow a natural, authentic life style. This is certainly good to understand. And there are many schools which start at this point and have a major focus on it. A famous example was Osho who taught people to release all the artificial conditions of education and religion. He has liberated his followers on the ego level which certainly had its benefits. But later at least some of his followers asked themselves if this was all what could be achieved. Sleeping, eating, meditating, sexual activities, singing and dancing in a liberated way? The human being as a better kind of animal? Besides Osho there are many esoteric offers which focus on the liberation of the ego and further on they worship the ego as a god. This is a dualistic god. We can also say that this is an imperfect god as the ego is very limited in its understanding of creation.

So in conclusion the ego needs to be liberated and further on it really needs healing but from a holistic spiritual point of view it does not need to be worship like a god, simply because it is very limited in all aspects and with this imperfect and far away from being absolute or a part of the absolute.

For these reasons higher initiates differentiate between perfection and imperfection instead of talking about good and bad. When the lower human nature, the so-called ego is enthroned then it leads to questionable results, dualism. But when the ego is healed and integrated into the higher human nature including enlightenment and taking part in the cosmic eternity then the state of perfection is reached and with this real freedom. The potential freedom of the ego is limited by the freedom of the other competing egos.

It is useful to understand these things. Although the liberation of the human animal or the beast or the ego-god gets a lot of publicity in our days, it is simply not the crown of wisdom. And the secret circles which promote this are also not really healthy but can turn out as quite unpleasant for their members.

I can only recommend the holistic spiritual path where all laws are respected and the individual can unfold its higher nature in a save and beautiful way. Here the ego is integrated with love and wisdom.