Spiritual unity versus religious diversity

Imagine watching yourself over some time in different situations. Depending on outer factors like season, situation, time of the day and your role, function or job you dress yourself in different cloths. So you see yourself in pyjamas at night, in a noble business suit at work, in casual wear in your leisure time, in workwear while working in the garden, in a funny dress on the birthday of your child, and so on. What has changed? Has your personality changed? Have you changed? Have you seen different persons?

No, only your cloths have changed corresponding to your current situation. You have been the same person the whole time.

Now let us think about who you are (on the material level of examination). Are you the same like your cloths or are your cloths a part of your nature? No, they are only an expression of yourself to some degree depending on your current situation. Indeed they cover greater parts of your physical self. So if we want to get to know your real physical nature, we would have to see you undressed, – naked. Your naked body is your original physical self. Now there are two states of your physical body imaginable. In the one state your body is dirty and in the other state your body is clean. Only your clean body is your original physical self while the dirt covers you when you are dirty.

The same situation is true when we examine religions and spiritual traditions. The absolute reality behind the world of manifestations dresses itself into a diversity of cloths corresponding with the different situations of culture, tradition and belief. The problem is that a lot of people cannot differentiate between the person and its cloths, respectively the absolute reality and religions. In fact most people misunderstand their religion as the absolute reality. This is very unhealthy and causes a lot of suffering.

And here we see the great challenge for the spiritual seeker, – to discover the absolute reality behind the veils of religion and tradition. It is the naked truth which wants to be discovered. It is the absolute truth, the absolute reality, completely naked and pure, without any cloths, without any dirt. It is the spiritual core, the center, the origin of all religions, of all beliefs and all traditions. It is the ONE which wears all different cloths.

So in fact we have three main groups of seekers. The first group is busy with examining the cloths of the religion they are born in while ignoring or fighting all other cloths of the ONE. The second group is already wiser as it makes research in several cloths to get a deeper understanding about the ONE who uses all these dresses. And the third group is beyond the examination of the different cloths and mainly focused on the naked ONE without any relative cloths.

When you examine the naked truth, the absolute reality, then you can understand all its cloths, all the relative forms of religion and tradition. This works due to the law of analogy.

The Sura Academy belongs to the third group as we are busy with the absolute reality without special focus on religion or tradition.

We acknowledge the spiritual core, the higher unity in the center of all religions and traditions.

Indeed it is the task of the enlightened leaders of all religious movements to teach their followers about this higher spiritual unity in the diversity of religious cloths. The ONE reality is connected all religions, all followers in the name of the all-embracing love in real brotherhood.

And it is the task of every single religious follower to understand this wonderful spiritual unity behind all beliefs and traditions.

It is high time for mankind to understand itself as a wonderful human family which celebrates unity in diversity.