Amitabha meditation for the bedtime

Amitabha is the Buddha of Immeasurable Light, residing in the Pure Lands. One main technique of realization in his teachings is to imagine everything as perfect. When everything is in a perfect state of being and appearance then paradise is accomplished and no darkness is left. This is a very nice exercise.

When you imagine yourself and others, also nature, your surroundings, etc. in the divine state of perfection, then it has spiritually empowering effects on everything which you include in your imagination. You are awakening and strengthening the Divine in everything. At the same time you do not feed the dark, evil or bad with your attention and corresponding bad thoughts and bad emotions.

This exercise has special effects when you do it lying in your bed, waiting to fall asleep. You are cultivating divine ideas and you are setting your mind and soul into this beautiful scenery. You are divine, your partner or family is divine, your house is in the Pure Lands and also divine, all the flowers in your garden are divine and the animals outside are divine, the atmosphere is divine, simply everything is divine, beautiful, full of spirit, full of love and light. So you set yourself into the paradise of Amitabha and you are lifted up. While you are busy with these beautiful ideas and feelings you fall asleep and in your dream you continue to dwell in these heavenly realms which is nourishing your whole being, so that you wake up the next morning with fresh energy and inspiration.

This is a wonderful, mystical exercise and a blessing in many ways. We do not need to nourish ourselves with all the darkness and stress every day. We can enjoy the beauty of the divine spheres by imagination.

The more you do this exercise, the easier and more consciously your will visit the higher realms where you can meet enlightened beings.