The physics of Akasha

One day on your spiritual path you have to face the physics of the five elements to understand them in depth. Everything can be analyzed by the use of this key as everything is built on the concept of five, – of the five elements. Everything includes God, the human being and creation with all creatures.

I want to make only a short round through the physics of the five elements with a special focus on Akasha.

Let us start with Akasha, the so-called fifth element. Imagine to experience being in a space of nothing. There is no form, no light, no sound, no smell, no feeling, simply nothing. There is nothing you could perceive. This nothing is also called “Nirvana” which originally means “no vibration” as vibration – activity/energy is the basis of “creation” – something which exists, something with attributes. So in fact we have “nothing” in opposite to “something”. And when we look at the origins of “nothing” then we discover that it means “no thing” and thing is a term for something which is created, which came somehow into existence. So in fact we can say that Akasha or Nirvana means that there are no created things. It is being without things, without creation.

Let´s go a step further. The Indian masters differentiate between a static, passive state of energy and a dynamic, active state of energy. This is connected to the Shiva-Shakti principle where the static energy state is the nature of the male god and the dynamic powerful state of energy is the nature of the goddess, the Shakti. And in fact both are the two sides of a higher unit as both appear always together as Shiva-Shakti.

When we go back to Akasha then we can say that Akasha is this static state of energy, – energy in perfect, passive balance. And what we call creation is the dynamic state of energy, – energy in a dynamic balance, in change according to the duality of the electric and magnetic fluid and the play of the four elements.

Here it is important to understand that Akasha is energy but energy in a special state, – it is not absolute nothing. It is only nothing from the point of the view of a created being. And this is a big difference.

And because Akasha is energy we are able to work with Akasha. We are able to experience Akasha. And we are able to refine our minds to the level of Akasha, – divine consciousness, stillness of mind.

Working with Akasha shows amazing effects as you obviously create something from nothing, – you call something into existence which was not there so far. You probably know this magical trick – the magician shows an empty hat and then he pulls out a living rabbit. This is it. So in fact the initiate is able to draw energy from the static energy state of Akasha to use it for the realization of his idea, wish, etc. This high work belongs in main to the field of work of real Quabbalists when they use the cosmic language of creation. But also normal human beings use fine ideas from the Akasha plane to process them on for materialization.

In the quabbalistic fields there are formulas which have fascinating effects and which show the truth of the static nature of Akasha as pure energy. Some years ago I have used a special formula for special purposes. This formula was built of the four elements – four corresponding letters. I have performed one after the other. First the fire element letter, then the air element letter, then the water element letter and at last the earth element letter, – all letters on the same plane and guess what was the result in the end?

First I have manifested real fire energy, then real air energy, then real water and at last real earth energy and with the last letter all letters and all their different energies united back into Akasha. All these powerful energies were extinguished completely. So this was astonishing as I haven´t calculated this result. I have experienced the alchemistical decomposition of the four elements into their original fifth element. Very interesting. In fact four existing energies have united into a higher state of perfect balance, into the static state of energy called Akasha.

Now you maybe/probably remember the special color mixing in physics or arts at school or university. The additive color mixing with the three basic colors red, blue, green and the subtractive color mixing with magenta, light blue and yellow. When you do the additive color mixing with the colored lights then you receive in the center pure white light. The result of the subtractive mixing is black. Please have a look in the internet who this color mixing looks like.

As you can see we receive here similar results like I have described with the four elements merging into Akasha. We take different colors, merge them and receive black or white and both are the sum of all lights/colors – total balance – like Akasha.

And here we come to another mystery, the “positive” appearance of Akasha as perfect white light and the “negative” appearance as darkness. We can say that the white light represents the father of creation and the dark Akasha represents the mother of creation. With the interaction of white “light” and “dark” Akasha creation unfolds. It is the key to the strange lores where the divine mother gives birth to her son and together they give life to creation. The light is born from Akasha and procreates with Akasha creation. But these are details which are not really important here. Akasha bears many mysteries, secrets and it is a matter of practical experience to understand them as far as possible.

Maybe as a last point – the challenge in physics for the spiritual student is to understand how creation is developed from unity, one energy into a diversity of energies on different planes. In fact we have only one energy in different states and different degrees of density. The different states are represented by the five elements and the different degrees of density are represented by the three main planes of existence. The effect of this is, that all energies can be transformed into each other, on all planes and back into the primary state of the one energy.

These were just a few points on higher physics. I have written already in a more comprehensive way about this topic but I wanted to add here a few aspects like the comparison with the color mixing and the alchemistical decomposition of the four elements.

It is very useful for every spiritual student to deepen his knowledge about the keys of wisdom as they are also the keys to physics and success in training and application.