About the mastermind Kevin Hogan

Kevin Hogan is a genius in psychology for practical application. He is also a master of hypnosis and conscious, target-oriented communication. He is a real mastermind and a true example of positive human behavior, a master of win-win-situations and long term success and true long term happiness.

Besides all his great aspects one thing is most important – his 100% positive attitude in all his does, especially in interaction with other people. Life is somehow all about communication and cooperation with others to fulfill our human needs and wishes. Indeed we need each other for progress, for the satisfaction of our needs. And only those who have understood that success depends on being absolutely true, loyal to others, only focusing on real win-win-solutions for everyone, focusing on the best possible solution, only those will experience perfect long term happiness and success and friendship and positive relationships everywhere and with everyone. This is the core teaching of Kevin Hogan. Be true to yourself, be true to others, wish for the best for everyone and then you get the best for everyone. And only by helping others to become happy you will become happy for yourself.

Selfishness simply does not work. Even when you make a lot of money by bad business, you will never experience true happiness as no one will love you, no one will really care about you and absolutely no one will appreciate you at all. But you will have a lot of enemies and people who really hate you.

Kevin Hogan is one of the very rare masterminds and geniuses of today. Although he does not emphasize a spiritual attitude he behaves in a most spiritual-positive way. He is a true example in many aspects and his teachings are most precious for mastery in life.

So I recommend him and his teachings for all true spiritual seekers to deepen the understanding of the human being, the understanding of yourself and others for a best possible communication and best results for everyone.

PS: Don´t let yourself be confused by the titles of his books. “Covert hypnosis” means indeed high professional conscious communication for win-win-situations in life and business.