Human problems seen from the metaphysical point of view

When you take a look at creation, at the diversity of beings, all the uncountable animals and plants then you can see a perfectly working system, a perfect order where everyone and everything has its place and function, where every being is integrated, following its individual sense in life. Everything is fine, in harmony. All beings are fit, in good health, full of energy. Not a single being needs a doctor, a clinic, a nutritionist, a teacher, coach, psychotherapist or something else. There is also not a single being which needs to go to work or save something for pension. Not a single being needs religion, moral or ethics. You may ask why? Just because everything they need is already in them. They contain all necessary things in their own nature. They have this deeper knowledge about themselves, about creation, about their place in nature, about their function, about ethics, about values like love and care, about the right food, etc. All beings are perfect in their nature.

But there is exactly one exception to the rule – the human being.

It is absolutely amazing, astonishing how ignorant human beings are even if they proclaim to have highest human education degrees like being a doctor or professor.

Human beings lack of everything and I mean EVERYTHING. For example they are so amazingly ignorant that they do not know by themselves what is good food and what not. Food is a basic matter. Every being knows what to eat. The infinitive ignorance of humans is a true wonder when you look at all the other beings in nature.

It is really embarrassing to proclaim to be the highest developed species on earth while showing an exuberant ignorance in all aspects of life. So it is a logical question if mankind is a big mistake of nature or God. People behave like they were insane in a most self-destructive way and they destroy also their habitat, – nature. Is there any increase in insanity possible? Yes, indeed, as they ignore this completely. This reminds me of a horror movie called “BRAINDEAD” – are all humans brain-dead zombies?

Let´s look closer at this very strange phenomenon. In the original situation human beings lived in nature, with nature and understood themselves as a part of nature. In this situation people knew about good food, about the sense of life, about important values, ethics, etc. They behaved in a lawful-natural way according to their natural needs and according to their inner wisdom. So everything was fine, in harmony.

Today it is different. In fact we are still a part of nature and nature is still our habitat but we have disconnected ourselves from nature. Nature has become a source for unscrupulous, merciless exploitation. We have lost our respect for nature, we have lost the understanding that nature is our habitat, that we are a part of it.

Humans developed the strange idea of being independent from nature and also the idea that we should manipulate nature without showing any responsibilities.

This separation from nature is one of the most important reasons for all the suffering and problems we have to face today. When you cut a lake off from his source then the lake will suffer and die.

The next big reason for all the problems of mankind is the lacking of energy, the lacking of positive characteristics, of light and love, of the energy which is needed to go beyond limitations. The stupid selfishness is a product of the lack of inner abundance, of inner light, intelligence, wisdom, higher love, of a low level of vitality, etc. In fact the main attributes of humans are lack of everything and being limited in everything. So humans are forced to go on hunting for energy, for love, for satisfaction, for acceptance, for power, etc.

When you are a being of deficiency then you must fight permanently for everything, for the satisfaction of your needs and you have no idea about higher, better and more balanced ways of life. Fighting means manipulation, means winners and losers, means destruction, pain and suffering.

To say it in a very simple way, – the human being lacks of mental and emotional high quality energy. And this means that the human being lacks of refinement and the increase of the individual level of energy (quantity). Only when a human being has a high level of positive mental and emotional energies, it feels in balance and takes part in inner abundance of mind and soul. Only then all kinds of limitations and ignorance, also selfish behavior vanish to be replaced by wisdom, understanding, unconditionally love, true compassion and the power to do the right things in life.

In different words – the human being lacks of the five elements in a higher quality and quantity. For good reasons the refinement work with the five elements is very important in the spiritual education. Further on we can see that most people are in main active on the levels of their lower chakras, which means sex, desires, selfishness, eating and drinking. The higher centers of unity with the divine spirit, of all-embracing love, inner harmony, inner vision, etc. are rarely developed, mostly passive, inactive. So there is a need for development, for the unfolding of the human-divine nature, for flourishing. These things can only be achieved by spiritual training. As long as spiritual education and training on a scientific, universally valid basis are not parts of teaching our children already at school, mankind will continue suffering until suffering ends in death or in a major change.

In fact it is most important to give our children all positive teachings and training which they need to become self-responsible, healthy and happy grown-ups who live in harmony with themselves and nature to get the best out of life for everyone.

PS: The human being is not a mistake but it must unfold its higher nature which is lying in a potential state in itself. As long as this does not happen, the human being behaves like being in puberty, not knowing what is good or bad.