Mysticism without metaphysics

Simplified said mysticism is all about the spiritual development itself, all about refinement and higher states of consciousness. Mystical practice leads to divine unity, enlightenment and self-awareness. Metaphysics means science, the physics of spirituality, of spiritual development and transformation. In fact the science of metaphysics is the basis of spiritual development as metaphysics is able to explain everything in a comprehensible way. Metaphysics explains mystical states and experiences and metaphysics clearly states what you have to do to make certain spiritual experiences.

You can compare this relationship with this:

Imagine you want to build a house. Building a house is mysticism. So certainly you can try to build a house without any knowledge of statics (physics). Statics means here metaphysics. Probably you get something somehow done, maybe a wall, maybe parts of the roof or a floor but without statics it is all a matter of trial and error and even if something works out, you do not really know why. So in fact it is wise to study first the science of statics, physics to be able to plan the construction of your house in best way, so that the house can be realized in a most efficient and perfect way where everything is in the end as you have wished for – nothing missing, nothing in imbalance and no damages. Right?

When you take a look at most religious or spiritual practices, traditions, then you can see the focus on the spiritual development, the mystical part itself but often a great lack of the spiritual science, metaphysics. Certainly most of them have teachings and explanations which have their sense but they often lack of simple, logical science like physics or mathematics. In mathematics you know that when you add one and one that two is the result – simple logic but this often does not exist for spiritual traditions. Here you cannot say do this and then that and you gain this result. The spiritual development is in main based on used roads where whole generations have traveled along already but it is not like a neutral, scientific geographic map with universal signs, marks, etc. The result is that the students of these traditions are not really flexible, not really aware of the hidden relations between certain exercises, states of mind and experiences. On the other hand it is already good and great if there is a well-known road for traveling, even if you do not understand everything.

The main problem of the imbalance between mysticism and metaphysics is that you miss important things for your development. With a pure focus on the spiritual, mystical development you miss the aspect of energy, power or quantity. You try to develop certain virtues, qualities but you do not have the right energy supply for this. You take your own energy instead of cultivating the right amount. This is often not healthy and a burden for your energy system. Imagine you want to travel to an oasis in a desert (mystical development) but you say “Oh, I do not need extra water, I have enough water in my body and I will drink the dew of the night.” This may be feasible but on a low level. Normally you would say “Oh, I need a lot of water for a good performance and for keeping my health.” For big tasks you always need extra energy, otherwise you exhaust your own reserves. Think of an athlete. For the development of a fit body he needs extra energy, extra food. And if you work daily on a special ability or experience then this takes also extra energy.

So what is now metaphysics for spiritual development?

Metaphysics is nothing else than mathematics and physics on higher levels, – for mind and soul. Probably everyone has heard about the five elements. These teachings can be found in nearly all traditions worldwide. The deeper core of these teachings are pure physics as the five elements deal with different states of energy. Also the deeper core of the yin-yang teachings is based on pure physics. So we can say the science is still there but it is somehow hidden and mystified, so that it is up to the student to discover the higher meaning. Secondly there exist enough special exercises to cultivate great amounts of different energies to support the spiritual development, – the development of virtues, special states of mind, special abilities, etc.

So in conclusion it is most useful to discover the metaphysical science and to make it the basis for your spiritual training independent from the tradition you follow. This offers the most balanced, most flexible and most efficient way for your spiritual realization and you keep your health. And you increase your understanding of your own tradition immensely.

Metaphysics is as simple as the simplest form of physics. So indeed every spiritual student is able to understand it and to work with it successfully. It just need some studies or someone who can teach it.

Sura, the International Theistic Federation offers universally valid spiritual education which includes metaphysics in theory and in practice, – the cultivation and use of energies. We are open for all true spiritual souls to serve divine love, divine wisdom and the evolution of mankind.