The meaning of power

Power is a very interesting topic and very important to understand. Today people often do not like power. They even fear power and somehow if possible they would enjoy making it disappear. The consequences of this attitude, we can see today. People are powerless and have to suffer from countless problems.

Additionally, the state of being powerless seems to be not enough but we have the trend to color all problems in rose-pink, proclaiming that all is good and that all problems serve us and that we are able to manage the increasing amount of problems.

This all sounds “nice”. From a psychological point of view, we witness here the state and the ideas of someone who faces the process of doom. So in the normal vital state, you have power, you take responsibility, you care for justice, you differentiate between good and bad, and you solve problems as early as possible. In the process of being doomed, you lose your power, you lose your vitality, you lose your balance, you understand that you cannot win, that you cannot solve the problems and that you have lost the fight. This triggers a certain inner program to “survive” your hopeless situation until you are dead. The body releases hormones to feel good and peaceful, to alleviate pain, to make you feel “high” and in this state “everything is fine”, “all problems are good”, “a wonder will happen” and then you fall in the abyss. The darkness has finished you.

It is also the cause for the rising tolerance for all the evil in the world. This tolerance is a matter of being powerless, – too powerless to restore order and justice and to fight the evil. Only when you lose your power, you “have” to tolerate the bad and the evil.

(The contrary positive form of “tolerance” is simply respect. So normally you respect different opinions, etc. instead of the need to tolerate them because you are too weak to fight them.)

In conclusion, when you think that everything is good and you feel high, although in reality your situation is a pure disaster, then it simply means that you “enjoy” the delusions of your last “hours” before doom. Thanks to your inner program and the release of all these hormones, you are not able to face the truth. Additionally, you are fixed to your patterns of behavior and it is hard to show a different, new and useful behavior as you simply do not know how and what.

A good example is that from the people from Atlantis. They knew that the disaster was coming but they were entrapped in the old patterns of behavior, not knowing how to change it and they were high, entrapped in their delusions of the doom state.

And when you check the situation in the world, you can find this unhealthy state nearly everywhere. People continue their life style as nothing is happening, as everything is good and as if there were no real big problems which could ever bring the collapse of society, economics, politics, etc.

People are powerless and in a bad state of imbalance.

Now let´s think about the roots.

Let´s go back in history, maybe some hundred years. Let´s imagine people living integrated in nature following their work to sustain life. Everything is simple and natural. There are hunters, farmers, dealers, marketers, butchers, blacksmiths, etc. Everyone takes naturally the full responsibility for his life and his family. Everyone has good natural food. Everyone is vital, physically strong and fit. Everyone is also mentally fit and has good senses. Everyone can fight for his rights, his needs, for order and justice. Everyone has the personal power to express himself. If problems occur, people can manage them. If evil rises, then it will be fought. People were self-reliant in many ways and with this they were masters of their own fate. Further on, they knew the value of family, helping, supporting and protecting each other. In these times, people were powerful.

You can still see examples where people live in nature on distance to so-called civilization.

This self-responsible and self-reliant, natural life style where people were powerful and vital came slowly to an end due to “progress” and “civilization”. The growing amount of people strengthened the idea of “society” and all the needs which are bound to it. In any form of society there are individuals who want to dominate others and also feel superior. Such individuals became those who rule over the others and determine the official order. When someone dominates others and rules over them, then this means that the power of the individual is transferred to a big part to the ruler. Loss of power means loss of freedom. It also means the loss of responsibility. In reverse, it means that the individual becomes dependent and controlled. And this is a process where more and more power and self-determination is transferred to the ruler and the official society. The results can be seen today in all countries.

Certainly there is a need for a kind of leader and a kind of order for a community or society. But this opens the door for abuse. In a positive society all members are consciously empowered for a self-responsible life style. In a negative society all members are treated more and more like depending, irresponsible children who “need” the total care of the government. (For this reason, people and even politicians call the German chancellor Angela Merkel “Mummy” as she behaves like the mother of stupid children.)

It is not difficult to see that people are not empowered in anyway but conditioned like children, keeping them dull and focused on fulfilling their job to produce taxes.  “Human resources” are only good to produce taxes and income for the elite. It is the modern slavery system where the individual slave lives in the delusion of “freedom” where in reality he is in total control and completely conditioned to the standards of his master. The slave has no real power, only the power which the master grants and which he needs to accomplish his job. And in the system of slavery, you can only become a higher slave with more “freedom”, ruling over lower slaves and earning their fruits. Today there are only a few people left who are not integrated parts of the slavery system.

In conclusion, society has taken the wrong path towards slavery instead of empowerment and freedom.

Personal power is basically important for a life in freedom, for the freedom to make the right decisions and to protect yourself against the dark side.

It is high time to become powerful again, to awaken to reality and to fight for your rights. If you do not fight for yourself, no one else will do it. No messiah, no superman, no alien or whomever will come to save you. In fact, you yourself are the one for whom you have been waiting for so long. So become your own hero, your own superman and change your world.

Changing yourself from a state of being powerless to being powerful is accomplished in many steps. In main it is a matter of clearing yourself from all the poisons, the dirt and rubbish from modern society. Then you have to vitalize yourself, your mind, your soul, your body and your life style. And then you can refine yourself, you can grow new skills, new knowledge, new ways of behavior, etc.

And no one says that you have to do it all alone but indeed there are many others who are awakening. So gather and grow together. This will bring lots of benefits for everyone. Share the good and help each other.

And then one day the old system of exploration and slavery must be replaced by a positive understanding of mankind, creation, God and society.

In conclusion: We live in a slavery system which exploits the single human being to a maximum and does its best to keep the individual in a delusional state of dull entertainment and happiness. People are kept and treated today exactly like the cattle in the factory farming. In the slavery system, you have exactly the amount of power which you need to fulfill your work. Career means to become a better slave who controls lower slaves. We can escape this system only by empowering ourselves to take self-responsibility and enjoy real freedom. Freedom is our birthright.

If people do not get soon into power, we have to face a similar situation like it is said for Atlantis – to witness powerlessly our own doom.

A spiritual orientation is basically important. Further on steps of clearing (detoxing), healing (vitalizing) and refinement (empowerment) have to be accomplished. This includes basic knowledge, skills and techniques for successful survival in the modern society.

And do not forget – you are not alone!

Become the superman or superwoman which you are meant to be!