Aton, St. James and the scallop

This might be only a little secret. Nevertheless I want to explain it as it contains beauty. In Europe, we have the so-called Way of St. James. This pilgrimage path leads from many different places in several countries to the grave of Apostle James in Santiago de Compostela in Spain. The symbol of the “Way of St. James” is the scallop. In Germany, the scallop is named after St. James.

When you look at the scallop or at an abstract symbol of it, then you see that there is one center from which several rays or path emit. Officially, this is interpreted in this way that all paths of pilgrimage in Europe end in the center, the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela, the grave of St. James.

When you look at it from an esoteric-spiritual point of view then you can see easily the higher meaning of the scallop. It is the natural symbol of the sun emitting its rays of light. In this way, the scallop was used as a pendant. And when you look at the graphic presentation of Aton, the Egyptian Sun God with his rays of light, then you have the perfect comparison.

So in conclusion, we can easily assume that the use of the scallop goes back to the worshipping of Aton respectively the Divine Sun.

I personally think that the scallop as a pendant, maybe in gold, is a wonderful symbol of Aton and very nice to wear, – to keep in touch with the Divine Sun.

The symbol itself – sun disc and rays emitting – does not only represent the sun but also the idea that all individual souls come as rays from the sun. We are all children of the Sun. And further on, the sun is our true being, our higher nature. It is what unites us all on the highest level.

So I like this symbol very much and it reminds me of good days.

I salute Aton!