Pokémon Go – today´s strategy for progress?

A lot of people have thought about how to move the masses for accomplishing higher steps of awareness and enlightenment. The dark side uses all kinds of ideas and events which cause fears and suffering. The light side offers teachings and healing. So people are moved between both poles to make progress.

A lot of people and children today are so bound in the slavery system of the dark side that it seems hard or nearly impossible to liberate them and if liberation was started, these parts of the system would suffer much. It reminds me of the Matrix movie where Neo was pushed out of the physical “nourishing system” of the machines. It must be like hell, a real shock. The dark system today is so perfect, covering all aspects of human life that it is really hard to go against it. People are programmed to go for a career, to work hard, to neglect their natural needs, to neglect own thinking, to be willing to take whatever the elite tells them without getting critical or even rebellious and the small part of life which is still granted, is full of dull entertainment from TV, sports and video games. Food, air and indeed everything is contaminated with all kinds of poisons. Being ill is normal and good as medicine is a good business today. War is also good as it brings peace. The world is really ill and artificially kept in the dull sleeper mode to simply function in the slavery system or darkness.

What is the answer? What is the solution? A new messiah? A higher force to take over? Superman or superwoman? A new Flood? Or all converting to the dark side and hoping for the best? Making career in the slavery system to become a master controlling own slaves like other do?

It is all questionable. Probably the only comprehensive and real solution is to enter a time or space where the spiritual energy is so strong that it has global awakening effects for mankind coming along with powerful effects of clearing, healing and vitalizing. This will happen in the coming spiritual age. Until then….

Besides this, one strategy is always to use the tools of the dark side for positive purposes, – to beat them with their own weapons.

Imagine someone would hack Pokémon Go to let children grow “monsters” in wisdom, in love, in compassion, etc. by letting the monsters undergo spiritual training.

Imagine someone would add vital substances and detoxing remedies to food and drinks instead of poisoning them with artificial stuff.

Imagine teachers at school who give lessons of real value for the children, so that they learn to manage in a self-responsible and successful manner all challenges of life.

Imagine someone would offer sports which support all kinds of useful abilities, positive behavior and good characteristics instead of keeping people stupid in one-dimensional training without sense.

Imagine people would get rewards for good deeds and righteous behavior instead of being selfish and dominating others.

Imagine that competitions would be about real values in life instead of being better in something of no real sense.

Imagine….there is so much good and useful which can be imagined, which can be realized without big effort. We just have to take action.

Sitting on the coach, having popcorn, watching dull TV shows and waiting for a Messiah to come or Aliens or Superman or a righteous politician is probably not really the solution.

We must take responsibility. Otherwise we end up as dull zombies, good enough for stupid work to serve as worthless slaves in the paradise of the elite.

It is our decision.