Awakening to mental life and to astral life

The human being exists as a mental being (spirit) in the mental world, as an astral being (soul) in the astral world and as a material being (body) in the material world. Normally, we are focused completely on the material world. We have identified us with our physical bodies. We perceive only the material world through our material senses. We work and live consciously only in the material world.

This is natural and simply a matter of being incarnated on earth.

In the spiritual training, we face now the challenge to awaken also to the mental world and the astral world, so that we are able to become active their and to perceive what is happening.

Here we can talk about the awakening of the mental body, the mental consciousness and the mental senses to the mental world to be able to take conscious action there without astral and physical body. And the same is true for the astral body, the astral senses, the astral consciousness and the astral world.

Awakening means in main to vitalize, to become alive and conscious and to tune the senses to the perception of the higher worlds. It also means to become “independent” of the physical body although the connection is still maintained.

Besides the challenge to vitalize the higher bodies, we have to face two further challenges. One challenge is to be able to loosen the connecting energy matrix between the bodies to separate and consciously take action on the higher planes. Another challenge is to use the higher senses while you are in the physical body. The physical body is like a protective suit where you are able to receive the signals of the material world but all higher perceptions are blocked. This physical “protective suit” can be bridged by the use of Akasha and we also can withdraw us by moving with the mind into the Akasha point of the body – so the senses become free.

Vitalizing is a matter of training with all kinds of energies on the corresponding planes and further exercises.

And certainly the conscious work on a higher plane is also a matter of training.

The energy matrix can be loosened by the air element or by the Akasha element.

In conclusion, it makes sense to understand this. We have to become completely alive on the higher planes and in our higher bodies.