About Power II

Connecting to my article “The Meaning of Power”, I want to talk about two further aspects of power. The form of power which people have in mind when they talk about it is in main the ego-based power. It is the power where you dominate other people, where you can force them to do what you want, where you can go against their needs and wishes, where you control them. And certainly, there are egos which long for such power to dominate others, to control them and to do with them what you like. From the point of view of the ego this might sound great as people are normally not in this position but have to follow all kinds of rules and the will of others. So for the ego it is a matter of freedom, of being free to unfold the own will instead of having to follow others. On the other hand, the wish of controlling other people and the connected feeling of power is a big illusion or delusion. Power is not an end in itself and if power is not used in a lawful positive way then it has great destructive effects on the one who is in power. Here we just have to think about the bully at school, the tyrant or dictator. All his victims are full of hate for the evil he does to them and as soon as there is a chance to get rid of the tyrant and to punish him, it will be done in a most brutal way. And in fact, what is the value of dominating others? It is indeed childish. When you examine how hard it is when you are in a position of power to manage people, then you think twice if power of people is desirable.

So somehow it is big nonsense to dream about “ruling the world” as the world does not need a ruler. Everyone is busy enough with “ruling himself, his small world” and when you have to manage a family or an organization then this is really enough.

In fact, those persons who have the desire to rule over people, over countries and to start wars for this reason, suffer from a mental disorder. There is simply no necessity for it and no good in it. It is much better to educate people to self-responsibility and for bigger tasks you need managers but that´s it.

However, there are many people who dream of power and dominating others and they often do whatever is needed to get into such positions where they can unleash their egos and enjoy mistreating others. The world is full of delusions and people who love them.

Unfortunately the topic of “magic” attracts a lot of such people who long for power. They want to get it like consuming fast food. But this is not like it works. And the abyss is always open and waiting for the willing victims of lower desires.

So what is the source of power on the magical/spiritual path? Indeed there are only two sources. You will naturally develop a higher level of power by undergoing your spiritual training as you work with all kinds of energies and as you refine yourself to a higher, more powerful nature. This can be compared to normal batteries and special big, powerful batteries.

But the main source of power is not your microcosm. In the normal case, you develop a deep connection with God, the Divine source of power and then you can use this source of power for your mission, your tasks. This can be compared to having a direct connection to a power plant instead of using batteries.

As the establishing of a strong connection to God takes lots of effort, clearing, healing and refinement throughout many years of training, only a few people are in such a position of divine power and authority. Unfortunately most egos want power and this power instantly without any practice or effort and they don´t want to refine themselves. The unhealthy solution for them is the connection to dark forces and negative beings which eventually offer the desired power instantly. The problem is that it is destructive power with bad effects for the person who takes it and this power supply must be paid back. Here we come to the topic of making contracts with the dark side. So indeed this is not a good business and takes a lot of effort to balance it over several incarnations.

Maybe as a last point – real power is always connected to God as the source and to taking the position of a real spiritual authority which means to be a real representative of God in creation. And this all requires a long spiritual training and the transformation of the human personality to embodying the divine nature.

Divine power can only be borne by its opposite pole – deepest humbleness towards God. This is the law of polarity – just must develop both poles to the maximum to keep harmony. So deepest humbleness is the vessel which is able to contain divine power. If someone is not humble, he will be destroyed by this power as he cannot bear it. The virtue of humbleness as well as the virtue of power is growing during the spiritual training in steps to the maximum.

And I have to say that even when you are in control over great or highest power then you cannot go against the laws of nature (as many people think) but you have to fulfill and realize the laws.

So divine power works only in the frame of the divine laws of creation.

May the Force be with you!