The meaning of freedom for SURA-ITF membership

Freedom is one of the highest values for human beings and it is one of the highest values for spiritual seekers. Freedom is a natural right of beings. Unfortunately freedom is not given under really and always given under the circumstances of life on the material plane. People have to fight for freedom and many people have to accept to be dominated, dependent and in chains.

From the spiritual point of view, freedom means to be independent from all kinds of desires, needs and wishes, to be satisfied and happy with yourself. In other words it means to be saturated by the natural-divine abundance and to be in total balance. There is nothing lacking. Due to the experience of God you are connected directly to the source of life and so you are fulfilled. Now it is up to your will, to your intuition if you want to get into a form of dependence or not. And you can leave this relationship whenever you want. It is a mental, emotional and energetic form of independence.

Normal people are full of wishes, desires and needs. They lack balance. They are not saturated and so they are permanently working on the satisfaction of their diversity of needs. This means that they depend on them. They are somehow put in chains by their desires and the need of satisfying them. This is normal and okay but they are not free.

Now what about freedom in a true spiritual community?

SURA-ITF is based on personal freedom and full respect to this right. This has some consequences which I want to explain here. All information about our association and about the requirements for membership is given to the potential member. This means, that we provide a free decision for membership on a good basis of information. When you say “Yes” to our association then it means that you agree to the setting, the aims and the way of cooperation of SURA-ITF. You bind yourself at free choice to the association. You can also leave it by free choice without any problems.

In the community there meet very different people from all over the world with different cultural and religious backgrounds and individual points of view. This is natural and good. As we all have the right of freedom, free will and free choices, we have to respect each other and we have to respect different opinions or points of view. This means inter alia that there is no need to convince others from your own point of view. So it is no problem if there are several different opinions. This is just a sign of the divine idea of diversity in creation. And it is certainly no reason for fighting or blaming. Instead we should listen and try to understand the different points of view to complement and to increase our own understanding. Further on we will use a good comprehensible way to show logical arguments for this or that point of view, respectively decision. And as the whole community is dedicated to the highest divine and human values, wisdom has always the last word.

Further on we differentiate between the projects of SURA-ITF and personal projects of single members which are supported by the association. This means that SURA-ITF follows universal aims on the basis of the universal teachings which I am dedicated to and which I serve as the founder and manager of our association. Everyone can take part in these projects by free choice. The personal projects reflect the individual aims, wishes and understanding of members. This means that a member is maybe a poet and loves to write about spiritual experiences. His project can be to publish a book. In agreement with the management he can get support for his project. The same is with other things like altruistic projects, help for self-help or anything imaginable else. So all members serve at their own will the association and the association serves all single members as good as possible.

In a few words this all means that every member is respected and supported, and that everyone can keep his authenticity. It is all about free will. Only free will can make a community work.

As a last point – we all are children of God, – we all are brothers and sisters. So we deserve the same respect, care and appreciation. Certainly we will have members who are more advanced than others but this means only that there are older brothers and younger ones. Not more. And any kinds of titles of (secret) societies do not count here. We clearly differentiate here between our association and others. What members do outside of our association is not really of interest inside of our association as long as everyone follows the rules. We do not support any kind of personality cult.

I think that this concept which is based on wisdom, freedom and respect is a good fundament for a happy and successful community. Beside all the serious aspects, our association shall be a place of sharing very positive feelings, of having fun together and of real friendship beyond all natural differences. Mankind is one family and we start in this awareness.