How is your vision of spiritual education?

From my point of view the offers for spiritual education can be optimized. With respect to the individual cultural and religious background, spiritual seekers can clean, balance, complement and enhance their training with the universal teachings of Bardon (and others).

This is one important point. The second one is to use all available information and techniques for progress. This includes for example knowledge and techniques from spiritual healing systems, psychology, psychotherapy, past-life-therapy, hypnosis, project management, communication but also the cooperation with divine beings of the spheres and a concrete training system with FAQ and support, also with direct workshops for initiation into states of mind, working with energies, etc.

This can shorten time and effort. And it will optimize the results.

In fact you can work on a topic or ability months or years until you have understood how it works but you can reach the same results after two days of getting lessons during a workshop.
We have a lot of people today who are willing to make spiritual progress. And indeed we need all good souls for progress of mankind. Time is very precious today.

On the other hand you can certainly undergo a spiritual development by Bon Buddhists for example. You will enjoy it. You will be initiated into powers, mysteries, working with deities and you will be respected.
There is no one who forces you. It is your decision. So in fact everyone has a choice.

The old schools of spiritual initiation have a lot of beauty. Such beauty cannot be provided today by internet meetings and workshops. But these are the signs of the time we live in. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. But certainly you can combine a traditional education with a modern form to have the best of both.

The biggest problem of Bardon´s teachings is that there is no teacher, no community of brethren, so that you are forced to make your way by try and error, by studying a lot. This takes a lot of time and effort and it includes many problems, questions and uncertainties. This is very challenging and hard. From this perspective it is good to offer a worked out training where people can learn things like they do in different areas.
So indeed it is all about optimization, putting all good parts together for the best individual progress. And this all with great respect to the old spiritual schools.