What is so unique about SURA-ITF?

There are many spiritual movements worldwide, many charity organizations and altruistic projects. SURA-ITF is different. It is not one among many others. It is unique. The concept is unique.

Some decades ago the initiate Franz Bardon has unveiled how our solar system is organized and which part the human being is playing. He unveiled the blueprint of creation with all positions, functions, rules and aims. This is already something special. It is the complete map of creation. With this you know who you are, where you are and where you go. Most important is the fact that Bardon´s teachings are not a human construct like several other opinions or concepts BUT his teachings are verifiably true by everyone who undergoes a spiritual training. His explanations represent the universal teachings which are coming directly from divine sources. They are valid for all human beings, independent from culture, religion and tradition. And they are able to explain EVERYTHING perfectly.

SURA-ITF uses these universal teachings as the basis for the organization itself, for its visions, aims and all projects.

This means that the association is dedicated to all divine virtues and on the human level to all human virtues. Virtues and values serve as points of reference, – something where everyone can orientate himself, his behavior and his way to solve problems. Everyone can ask himself, if his solution fits to divine and human virtues, – if it is wise, if it respects divine love and justice, etc. For all kinds of questions we can use here the keys of wisdom which correspond with the laws of creation. This means also that decisions are a matter of virtues and values and not of something arbitrarily. This has a diversity of positive effects.

In fact SURA-ITF is based on a value-oriented spiritual management concept which follows the natural-divine laws and order.

The main focus of SURA-ITF is education, – spiritual education. Education means to give people all necessary information to enable them to unfold their personality in best way and to lead a responsible, good life. The right form of education provides the power, love and wisdom to solve the problems of mankind. And this is a very urgent matter.

A further focus of SURA-ITF is the optimization of the main aspects of life. When life follows the laws of creation and when it is reintegrated in the natural-divine order then life is good for everyone. This means that there is much work necessary to clean, heal and enhance all main aspects of life.

Besides direct projects of SURA-ITF, the association supports individual projects of its members and on-site representations.

Friendship and exchange on an international basis is a matter of course. A culture of respect, appreciation and care lets love and understanding grow and the soul blossom.

For all these reasons SURA-ITF will be unique, – a unique experience.

Powered by the spiritual realms, – by the beings of light, the Suras.