Big thanks to our spiritual helpers!

Today I want to write some lines about those who are essential for making progress on the path and also for surviving life. I call them here spiritual helpers. They consist of a variety of different beings from the higher planes. These good souls and good spirits are so kind to support us with healing treatments and they work on the development of new abilities. They also help with inspiration and guidance. Sometimes they protect us and sometimes they provide happy “coincidences”. These spiritual helpers are really fine, really kind-hearted.

I am more than grateful for all their assistance, all their support and all their treatments which helped me to make my way in spite of all obstacles and really hard times.

So a big “Hurray!” for all those kind helpers!

Here you can sense how much love and service are provided by the spiritual realms. Without this caring love, life down here on earth would be unbearable and progress on the holy path would be not feasible.

Spiritual helpers are very busy and they help all kinds of people who are in need, – not only spiritual seekers. Quite often they come at night, so that they can work on the sleeping person. When your higher senses are developed you can directly experience their work.

People often believe that they are alone but this is only true on the physical level. On the higher level it is often like on a station – a coming and going of a diversity of beings.

For spiritual seekers (who read this) I can only recommend to have a loving and grateful attitude towards these kind spiritual helpers and to be open for their treatments and help. Say “Thank you!” in your mind and show them a warm smile. They will receive it.

In fact the relationship between a spiritual seeker, student or master and the spiritual realms with all their dwellers should be based on real love, friendship and happiness as this is natural and right.

The dark brothers will never get to know such great feelings and care but it is their choice.